I woke up the morning with the country Belarus on my mind, I was saying it
over and over. Then I click on Drudge and see a story with photo of Serena
Williams the tennis player who won the gold medal at the olympic this
summer. She was the one in the video that along with Russia & Belarus that
received the silver and bronze medals when the American flag fellduring the
national anthem. Here is the utube of the the event.

I guess what I'm try to say the Russian & Belarus was on each side of the
American flag....and then both countries are mentioned in the Quayle alert.
Along with the country Belarus on my mind when I woke-up this morning...and
seeing a photo of Serena on the Drudge Report...

This is an alert from Steve Quayle's website

H3n2v and West Nile Update--Bio-Weapons Loosed?
Hi, Steve!

A Good friend was at a County safety meeting in No. Texas Tues. nite. His
longtime friend is the County Disaster coordinator. After the meeting ,
they got together for a chat. He informed his friend, that he was contacted
from a source from the CDC.

The CDC source informed him that the H3n2v and the West Nile had been
"Joined" My friend looked at him and said, "Thats a Bio Weapon!" His friend
agreed. Said, "We don't know where its coming from."

I made a call to a friend who is in that world, and gave him the info. He
said , "There is only One lab in the world that can do that. It is in

So, Spetnatz troops, Russian regulars, and a Bio Weapon from Belarus.

Your Readers can figure this one out.

Thanks For All You Do!!

God Bless


Sep 10, 2012

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