Word From Brother Marcus --Missionary To The Native Americans whom I have never met and was unaware of the Watchmen's conference -- Pray For Him

Hello My Brother in Christ,

I truly appreciate you in the Lord and I thank God for your heart, knowledge and boldness in Jesus! Below is the most recent word of the Lord I received.

I heard the word of the Lord saying to me,
"I the Lord sit on My throne & laugh with glee that My Son is right;
And that soon all scoffers and critics will be in fright.
I the Lord have put My words in My servant Steve's mouth;
But your rejection of Me has opened the borders, East, West, North and South.
Does America not understand My love for the earth,
That I sent My Son to give all who receive Him a new birth?
Did I not gather My prophets and Watchmen to see eye to eye,
To sound the alarm that you might not without Me die?
I have released the sounds of heaven and earth below
A sound to warn you of the lawlessness you sow.
My Prophets and Watchmen have poured out My heart
To declare to you repentance can be your new start.
In April I began to release the warnings of My final judgments to come upon the nations;
They gave you and acted out My revelations.
From Florida I released a sure word to my own;
Now America shall begin to reap from the sixties 'til now all she has sown.
The enemies are now planted, ready & soon they shall be at your door;
There shall be a great wailing in the land as America has played the Whore!
My Watchmen have cried and warned for over thirty years
But America your stubborn spirit is greater than repentant heart and tears.
Could you not see the plans of the NWO unfold?
You should have listened to My Prophets and Watchmen as you were told.
My heart is broken over your rejection of Me;
Now your religious leaders who did not warn you rightly will begin to sell out and flee.
Soon the wolves in the pulpits will show their true allegiance, teeth and claws,
For they have made secret deals under the table with those who drafted antichrist laws.
Judas sold out My Son for a handful of silver in trade
Now false pastors will prepare to deliver you to the wood and falling blade.
Your professional pulpiteers hidden behind titles and tunics are weak in their knees
And many will soon forsake you to helpless pleas.
The so-called houses of faith have become foodless stables for the sheeples and lukewarm
Soon the fallen angels to those places begin to swarm.
Since I have to bring My judgments to My house first,
You will soon hear of insanity, profanity & all manner of depravity from the church basements burst.
I will expose the insidious evil from the church basements secret meeting rooms;
As I send My angels through the candlesticks with burning brooms.
Oh and behold the mystery of the city of seven hills,
As the unholy techno vault holds the secrets of the last pope coming in all deceitful thrills.
The hybrids right among you now shall begin to show their true nature;
For I will begin to reveal to you as needed the purpose of the veiled nomenclature;
Could you not see from the sixties behind the wall of the capital house
The deceitfulness and tyranny of the rats therein that played as a mouse?
False flags shall again fly this Fall and beyond into 2013 as they become the order of the day'
As your government begins to tempt you to fire the first shot and come out into their game to play.
You must not fall into the trap to draw first;
Can you not already smell their bloodthirst?
Of the Fall of 2012 until March 2013 shall become a historic fray;
This is our finest hour is what the dark powers will say.
Yes, America shall be overtaken in her sleep,
She shall be on her knees in despair in fear to weep.
The fulness of the mystery of iniquity shall soon be seen on the TV screen,
And you will see the secret government define "White House Mean."
The countdown has surely begun
You will soon see what the hidden underground ones call fun.
Why do you no longer hear the national anthem in song?
Why can you no longer pray in My Son's name in the public throng?
America, you have removed Me from every area of your national, public and private life;
Soon you will reap of all your rebellion and strife.
Why you ask have the controllers been able to have their rule?
Because you as a nation took My Law and flushed it down the stool
My Law was to never have been trashed as dung;
Now the land will soon by the creatures of Revelation be stung!
Between now and the first three months of the new coming year
Prepare for an unholy coaster ride that will make the nation scream in fear.
From November 7th to December 11th secret meetings for the ten regional zones take place;
From there the plans of the elite shall go forth with "break-neck" pace.
Though the world is about to see the greatest gloom;
I am making a secret place for My Remnant in My loving room.
There yet remains a remnant people who have My true Name;
And My promises of divine protection they can claim.
It is time to allow My Holy Spirit become your minute by minute guide,
For from now on you must trust Me for each daily step that into a government snare you will not slide.
Anoint your property, windows and doors,
To protect yourself from the soon coming government whores.
I am multiplying dreams and visions in the night,
If you listen I will expose dark plans that you may escape the next blight.
Though it seems that the shadow ones are about to win,
I am about to reveal Myself to the children of God who are My own kin.
Prepare for the onslaught of the fallen ones from beneath and from within the dimensional high,
They shall come in different forms to sell you their original lie.
In the coming warfare that originates from dimensions above,
Your only victory will come as you hide in My love.
Seek My face, love your family and prepare for war;
The red and brown, black clad and blue helmets, the sickle and hammer with the red sun, the Fedpo and UN is coming to your door."

Given to Brother Marcus on 09/05/12

Note: This prophecy was given to me from the precious Holy Spirit to awaken people. I wrote it word for word just as the Lord released
it to me. The first couple of lines allude to my brother in Christ, Steve Quayle. Neither I nor the Lord are glorifying any human. However,
please know that this is how the Lord Himself sees my brother, Steve Quayle. I know by the Spirit of God that my friend Steve Quayle
does not seek the honor or praise of men. But if the Lord Himself honors Steve, I will also gladly honor him. We are told in the Word of God
to give honor to whom honor is due. Like it or not, Steve Quayle is worthy of sincere honor. I pray you have ears to hear and eyes to see the
heart of God in this most recent prophecy.

Sep 10, 2012

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