Ebola scare shuts down building at Southwestern College:Chula Vista California

ust drove past the campus of Southwestern College in Chula Vista earlier
today and saw what looked like some kind of incident unfolding. When I got
home I checked the headlines this is what I found:
Now it is in my own back yard possibly but I know a little more than most
and already knew about the multiple patients in Dallas and the others
around the country since this last weekend. I have spoken with some
intelligent people here in San Diego that work in the pharmaceutical
industry and some expert Doctors. I know a little bit more than the
average bear. I am not worried of contracting death from Ebola because
there is a treatment that will kill the virus within four hours. Its
expensive and the labs are only selling to the highest bidder. This is a
control burn pandemic they will curb it around 20-25000 dead and about
100000 infected. They will sell the fear and rightfully so because it will
be scary, force the vaccine and place restrictions to lock down
international air travel. They don't want to keep the virus out they want
to keep us in!!!! This is not the big one but only the beta test for
something much bigger. Also something heavy is about to go down on the
geopolitical arena and the middle east and the south Pacific. We are
shipping more weapons into Bahrain, Japan and South Korea then I have
witnessed ever!!! All with vague invoice descriptions being waved through
with exemption ITN/AES numbers and NOEEI codes. Something or someone is
getting ready for something big. Stay strong and God Bless you and your
family and all of Gods children while facing the troubles and trials of
life. And may we continue to praise glory to Jesus even in our times of
discouragement and despair.-SARAH

Oct 16, 2014

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