Dreams of the Coming Invasion and Running for our Lives:Note the Lost Item was our Liberty-Truly Valuable-Never to be recovered outside of Jesus!

Okay, Steve, I will start with the dream I had only days after 9-11 and end with the last dream I had two nights ago.

I dreamed that our the skies over our neighborhood were filled with planes. And from these planes men jumped out with red parachutes and they were not arab looking, but instead, Chinese. They broke through windows of the homes and began to rape and kill all that were in the homes. I awoke after this, very frightened, but chalked it off as a dream influenced by the new words to my ears "terrorist attacks." But I've never forgotten that dream. When I told a friend about it, he said it reminded him of the movie Red Dawn. I had never seen the movie, so I checked it out from the video store. I lost interest in it right away, it was a "dude movie" so I never got to the part that made my friend compare the dream to that movie. However, I find it disconcerting that they are releasing a remake of that movie. Because after 9-11, I begin learning about the different conspiracies and such, and remember how many theorists say that the elite have to tell us what is to come...

Over the years I have had many dreams of horrendous natural disasters, some on foreign soil, some here in America, although I've never been able to recognize a location. The poignant thing I've always noted in these dreams is that I'm with a fellow Christian (never the same one) and we are always survivors. I can describe these dreams vaguely, but not with much detail. There is always a massive change in the landscape in these dreams and they end with me and my Christian friend overlooking the new landscape with much sorrow.

My two most recent dreams have come in the last week. The first one begins with planes in the air again. So many of them that it's truly unbelievable. Then suddenly, from each plane a propane tank is dropped and then, just as suddenly, a train rolls by, fulled of armed militia and they begin shooting these tanks before they hit the ground. All the tanks explode in a major fashion killing all that are low to the ground, destroying homes and everything else in the path. The interesting thing about this dream was that at some point, I realized that me, my pastor and his wife were hanging up in the rafters of the building we were in and we ended up being safe from harm.

I take this and the presence of my other Christian friends from the other natural disaster dreams to mean that He WILL supernaturally protect His remnant. HALLELUJAH!!!

The last dream I had was different than the others. It was only filled with very creepy people...like possessed gypsies or sorcerers...something like that, no one was dressed "normal" and they all were just very strange and not human-like, even though they appeared human. For some reason I was in the midst of them (and in the dream they were hanging outside my neighbor's home, which was not true to form, but altered, as was the area around it unrecognizable to me, geographically speaking). During my brief time with them, I had lost something valuable to me, it fell in this hatch. When I tried to retrieve it, this evil women (I just sensed a true wickedness and was frightened) had turned to cover the hatch. I pleaded that I needed to retrieve my belonging and no one cared and she wouldn't let me near the hole, and acted as if she was hiding something. I was so frustrated, scared, and disturbed. As I began to wake myself up from this creepy nightmare, a voice came to me, and very clearly said, "Evil is at the doorstep." I was shaken for a good part of the day, trying to remember more about the dream and the different people (I don't know why, but I keep wanting to call them creatures) that were in the dream, but I cannot recall anything more. Except this...it was the first dream I had that I was alone with evil, no Christian friends were in this dream, just as in the first dream I shared that came after 9-11.

I read the first prophecy you posted last week that came in the form of prose. I am a writer/poet/Christian singer/songwriter. I recognized the pattern from that prose to be of God because He has given me many poems to share and songs, and the pattern was the same as that most frightening prophecy from Brother Marcus. When I read it, I shook and tears fell, for I knew it to be true in my heart. I shared it with those with eyes to see and ears to hear, for I have no doubt of it's source.

I am again, so grateful for your website. I am grateful people put their trust in you to get out the messages and dreams they have received. You have been a beacon of light in this dark world and even when I only had a cell phone, I would read the articles you post on that tiny little pre-touch screen screen for hours every night!

May God continue to use you as a watchman and may He richly bless you in Heaven and here on Earth!

In Christ Alone,

Sep 11, 2012

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