Concerned About Retaliation, VA Wants To Restrict When Vets Can View Disability Claims Online

Here is a real smoking gun exposing the denial of TRUTH from veterans who are
trying to obtain evidences for claims required, medical test results that are not fully
given or outright removed or not given so as to prevent veterans from having the
proofs that the VA requires, yet they already hold, yet deny existence. Our own medical
exam results are being withheld, denied. Nobody wants to ruin a case by going off at some
office, all we DO want is the factual TRUTH and it to be acted upon accordingly, TRUTH as it
is known before Almighty God. Jesus is Lord.
THe "blue button" for the VA record site offers very little now, or only what has been
"washed" so nothing avail for evidences as required. My own has been devoid of most
needed info for a long time, and sure it has for many others also. Got part at least by going thru layers - This is full of lies, they already have been
removing info from access, putting in false information as fact, etc. Very little info is
actually available, and that is only what they want a person to see, not what can be
used to persue a claim or have proofs. THey claim it is only removed certain info for just the claims
themselves, that is an absolute lie. !!!! ONE MORE HASSLE UNTO DEATH, ATTACK ON THE VETERANS OF AMERIKA

Oct 27, 2014

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