Here's the response from Kalispell Regional Medical Center regarding the Ebola case which was apparently a non-Ebola case. At least they acknowledged the info.

To All Staff, Leadership and Medical Staff:

KRMC responds to false Ebola rumor

National concern regarding Ebola has grown significantly in the past few weeks. Posts on social media, local blogs, and online discussion forums have reported that Kalispell Regional Medical Center received a patient exhibiting signs of the virus. This claim was thoroughly investigated and was found to be categorically untrue.

No patients suspected of having Ebola have presented themselves to KRMC and there were no patient transfers to Missoula last week, as was reported by these forums. Kalispell Regional Medical Center has had no cases of Ebola or suspected cases of Ebola. The possibility of Ebola coming to Kalispell, Montana, is extremely remote. However, our teams have been planning, preparing and putting protocols in place to address this health crisis if the need arises.

Jeff Tjaden, MD, our infectious disease specialist, is serving as our point person in these enhanced training and protocol processes. Prior to joining the Kalispell Regional Healthcare medical staff, Dr. Tjaden was a Commander in the United States Navy Medical Corps where he served as the director of the viral disease program at the Naval Medical Research Unit No.3 in Cairo, Egypt. Dr. Tjaden has particular interest in viral diseases and has lived and worked in many countries throughout Africa, Central Asia, and the Middle East. The Flathead Valley is very fortunate to have a physician with his level of experience in working with infectious diseases as a medical specialist.

We take these potential health crises very seriously. We also take rumors regarding KRMC seriously. The health of our patients, staff and the community we serve is our top priority. For more information on our preparation and enhanced training, see our website at

Deb Wilson Dr. Jeff Tjaden

Chief Operating Officer Infectious Disease Specialist

Oct 29, 2014

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