The Lords message is the demons will take all forms and do not fear them!

This what happened monday morning.
I woke up early for some reason at 4:00 am and went out for my morning walk
around the block with our dog.
When I got about half way around the block I saw a large dark dog sitting
at attention in a parking lot just staring at me. It was strange just
sitting there like it was frozen staring at me. As I got closer it never
moved a muscle and when I got about 20 feet away I said to it, "Who do you
think your looking at". The second I got the last word out of my mouth that
dog did an about face and ran away so fast I couldn't believe it. I mean
that this was a big dog, the silhouette of a Lab maybe 80+ lbs and that dog
moved like I never saw a big Lab move before and it never looked back.

I immediately knew that this was no normal dog but some kind of demon or
demon possessed entity.

Ok this is where it gets even stranger. Eleven months ago in the exact same
parking lot one night I saw a full sized, I mean large dark winged demon.
Humanoid in form, dark gray or charcoal in color even under the lights with
wings folded behind with the wing tips reaching the ground.

To add to all of this my Granddaughter goes to a Hawaiian school and a
couple of months ago she told me that the name of the street we live on
Luakini means a blood or human sacrifice so perhaps I have managed to land
in the middle of something very dark and am seeing this.Ed in Hawaii

We know what lays ahead and we must have faith and only fear God and they
will flee from us.

Pray for peace in the hearts of the faithful.

Oct 31, 2014

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