I Believe My Brother Has Been Targeted, Identified and Located.Sales Pitch to Build A mosque


My brother called last evening to inform me of the following:

His wife received a phone call on Wednesday at their unlisted home number from what sounded like a foreign language boiler room phone sales operation...the background noise was all in a foreign language she did not understand. After a brief pause of 30 seconds, a heavily accented voice began a sales pitch...seeking donations to build a mosque in a city...she could not understand due to the heavy accent, which city. Since they live in a rural area, there is no city in the vicinity in which construction of a mosque has been proposed.

She replied that she is Christian, and would not be willing to contribute. The caller made two additional higher pressure attempts to "make the sale" but each time she replied that she would not contribute.

On Thursday, she received a second call from a heavily accented person, asking for her by name...mispronounced, but nonetheless, her surname. The caller asked, "Are you Muslim?" to which she replied, "No, I am Christian."

Since my brother is retired from the Army, and she is a vocal Pro-Life advocate, and a strong supporter of Israel, which is of course, duly advertised on her Facebook home page, it seems that she, as well, is now identified, both by name and location.

He requested that I inquire of you regarding any similar notices you have received, specifically from Texas, and generally in CONUS.

They are strong Christians, who walk the walk, but I wish she had listened better to the warnings she has certainly been given regarding Facebook self reporting.

Too late now...time to seek instructions from God, and follow, them was my only advice and of course I agreed to contact you regarding what I believe is a new
method of intelligence gathering.

Please advise your readers...unsolicited sales calls could very easily paint that target bright red. ELIZABETH-

Oct 31, 2014

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