'The main stream media does what it is told to do. The reporters do what the owners tell them to do or they dont get paid'.

Good Morning Steve, I saw your alert. Giving feedback.

Just an fyi, I first heard about you on Coast to Coast some years back and
thought you were nuts
but interesting, so I started looking for you online to see what you had to
say. One thing led to
another and I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior about 3 years ago. You
led me there. Thank
you! Lots of people are unhappy with me for my decision, but Im better then
I ever have been. I
have a peace within me that I dont believe I had ever experienced before.
Praise God.

Now, the reason I am writing is because of Dan who is frightened by the
updates about ebola.

Dan, my guess is most people who read here are awake and preparing. I was a
prepper before I
accepted Jesus into my life and I can tell you that once I started
preparing for a disaster my fear
slowly began to disappear when I took a measure of control in regards of
being able to take care of
those I love. I dont have all earthly contingencies covered and never will
but Ive done what I can
with what little I have and know that Jesus loves and forgives me and holds
me in his arms. He
took the last of my fears away from me.

The main stream media does what it is told to do. The reporters do what the
owners tell them to
do or they dont get paid. The managers and owners are owned by
corporation/advertisers which
allow them to pay for the rent/mortgage, lights, supplies and the
reporters--so the corporations
will do one of two things...hype the event to a certain extent under their
control to sell a product
or service or tell the msm not to report or under report on the issue so
the event does not cause the
reader/listener to re-evaluate and change their spending habits. That is
one level of why we the
people do not get any real news.

Another level as to why we dont get accurate news is the government; which
prime purpose is to
be in power and control as much as they can. The government also has
sponsors, advertisers or
corporations that pay certain individuals in government positions to behave
a certain way, to
promote or discourage events or issues that would effect we the peoples
behaviors which includes,
financial decisions, voting and contributions to politicians among other
personal choices we the
people make which would make my explanation to long.

Deeper levels include NWO-New World Order issues, satanic control,
financial control by
individuals beyond our human reach. The deeper levels have many arms and
ways to control
individuals within the different governments across the globe that control
the media an then we
the people.

These individuals are chosen because they control others through various
means..financial, and
fear of losing something they care about; are the main control methods for
people who would not
normally get on board but we have to look at those that jump in with both
feet because of greed
and desire to be a part of the darkness. Ive simplified the explanations or
this could be a book.

The point is, we dont get the real news for the many reasons above so the
only way to get data is
to receive it from individuals like you and me. Is it always accurate?
Probably not, but where there
is smoke, there will be fire. As Steve says often, take it to the Lord in
prayer. Prepare you and
your family spiritually, as well as keeping extra supplies and knowledge at
the forefront so you
will be ready incase of need. Instead of being afraid, take as much control
back, dig for
information yourself, call hospitals, talk to people that work at them as
well as medics, police,
medical supply stores to receive confirmation or not. Complaining or
stopping what little
information we do get is detrimental to our very lives. God Bless. Kim T.

Nov 2, 2014

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