SQ -- PHYSICAL METALS ALERT -- Physical Silver Purchases off the chart!

I just got off the Phone with a friend of mine who has been my Major Silver supplier for 30 Years--He stated that The U.S.. Mint is preparing for the 2013 Minting of silver Eagles which will cause an Interruption in the availability of Silver Rounds to be acquired through various dealers .He said the Orders coming in are "HUGE" beyond what has been seen previously and are accelerating daily--I asked him why the U.S. Mint will have such an effect and he stated that-"They are the largest purchaser of Silver Blanks (the round coins) that the US MINT then stamp the images of the US Silver Eagle on". We are on the Brink of Horrendous world events taking place and " The Smart Money is already moving in advance of the General Populations panic to acquire precious metals to preserve their purchasing power".Call us Today at 406-586-4842-Renaissance Precious metals

Sep 12, 2012

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