I told my fellow Legionnaire that the people and money behind this matter are East Coast Communists with very serious financial backing. These people are trained, equipped and organized with an identifiable chain-of-comman


In Re: Ferguson MO,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

On 11/13, I attended a private briefing with an appointed government official with first hand knowledge of the following:

1.) The successful 10/31 attack on the power grid equipment supplying power to the Ferguson police and fire department headquarters was actually two attacks.

Mainstream media reports do not mention this fact. Power line workers interviewed on the matter say they would not attempt to do what was done because of the inherent danger of same.

2.) The City of Ferguson (with permission of the out-of-state corporate owners) has taken over a closed/mothballed funeral home with 20,000 square of space.

The emergency gen-set has been tested and a stock of fuel delivered. Embalming chemicals/supplies/equipment has been delivered. The cold storage morgue has been cleaned and made ready for the dozens of bodies expected when the rioting commences.

3.) 1,000 active-duty U.S. Army soldiers at Fort Leonard Wood MO are on standing-by on-call to be deployed to St. Louis County. They will bring the heavy weapons of war with them. Note: this is not the MO National Guard, these are active-duty U.S. Army soldiers!

4.) First Governor Nixon, and now U.S. Senator McCaskill, have asked the Ferguson Chief of Police to resign. Private negotiations between Nixon and the Chief were revealed (we believe by Nixon's people) to CNN ending that negotiation. McCaskill has not made an acceptable offer to the Chief.

5.) It is believed by those with the most current intelligence on this matter that Ferguson will burn. The former St. Louis County Chief of Police has publicly warned of criminals being ready to exploit this matter for their personal gain.

I concur.

Since 1973, I have helped defend hundreds of men charged with every crime one can imagine. I have occasionally asked these men the following question: If there was an earthquake, flood, or tornado causing wide-spread problems, what would you do? Their answer? "We look at these matters as Economic Opportunity".

Be advised: In the St. Louis Metropolitan area there are literally thousands of black males with criminal records who are angry at the world. These men could care less about Michael Brown, or any political action related to his death. To be fair, there are many hundreds of Caucasian criminals licking their lips at the thought of unhindered theft, rape, murder, looting and pillaging.

Once these men know that no one can call 911, it's "Katy bar the door!" I'm told that the rioting will "ripple out" from Ferguson into the rest of Metro-St. Louis. Possibly. My personal belief is the rioting will commence in at least two places (Ferguson and the Tower Grove Park area of St. Louis).

At the meeting last night of American Legion Post 601 (where I am the Commander) one of our men asked me:" John, who is behind this?"

ο I proceeded to tell him about the Communist activists going door-to-door in Ferguson. The second week of the riots in August, two of them knocked on the door of a friend in Ferguson. It was a warm, sunny August afternoon. One man was Latino (from California). The other a Caucasian from back East. They were distributing copies of the Communist newspaper. They were talking with the citizens about how wonderful a Communist Workers Paradise would be for them.

ο I told my fellow Legionnaire that the people and money behind this matter are East Coast Communists with very serious financial backing. These people are trained, equipped and organized with an identifiable chain-of-command. Their goal is to recreate the 1988 L.A. riots all over again. My expectation (shared by many police and local officials) is there will be at least dozens, if not hundreds, of deaths and serious physical injury to protesters, police and innocent civilians. Property damage? Tens of millions of dollars.

Feel free to forward this note. Please delete all the e-mail addresses prior to forwarding.

Good luck, God Bless & Be Safe!

John Moore

Nov 14, 2014

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