FROM BUFFALO AREA:The main thing I have noticed through all this is the radio reports that stores ran out of food the SECOND day

Steve ,

I live in the hills south of Buffalo , NY . The snow at our rural home on
the hill is not as deep ( about 4.5 feet, compacted ) as just 5
miles to the north west where my father lives. It is literally , after
compacting five to six feet deep there (which means it was deeper as it was
falling ) , that is not drifting, that is just regular old standing snow,
not piles from shoveling either. It is very heavy , but mainly it is a
real wake up call to those who are not prepared. I never at any time felt
even a tinge of any kind of worry and I praise the Lord Jesus Christ for
His provision in regard to having a full larder, redundant, alternate
sources of water and heat. With children at home, in home school, life
went on as normal, literally nothing was disrupted. We lost power briefly,
from trees that toppled from the weight of snow onto lines, no worries, we
are set to live without power in the winter for extended periods. We
delivered some eggs from our chickens to neighbors who were low on food and
cut trails with our powerful Alaskan Malamute. A good working dog, who
can pull heavy loads and handles deep snow is a huge asset and fun too when
she pulls a sled! Make sure you can bag enough game to feed them , they
are extremely efficient eaters though who put out a huge amount of
usefulness for the small amount they eat.

The main thing I have noticed through all this is the radio reports that
stores ran out of food the SECOND day. And that is when many people could
not even get out, if more folks could have used their cars the shelves
would have been cleared in one day. Most of your readers are ready I am
sure, but for those that are not, do not delay, please, please, please. If
this empty store situation lasts much longer the folks in the city and '
burbs will start getting restless and then violent. It is such a small
stretch of land effected by this snow, but unprepared folks are myopic.
Rain is coming now and there are many roofs that will continue to collapse
as the snow acts like a sponge, I hope they do not stick the children back
in those flat roof schools on Monday.

God is so good he provides us with these circumstances so we can practice
our skills and assess our plans for gaps, but most importantly, His eye is
on the sparrow and I know He watches me. So thankful for the Saving Blood
of Christ! And in the end that is what we all need the most in all
circumstances, it is a sin to be fearful and not stand on the promises of
God to care for and protect us. Follow His lead, He wants you to use these
situations to access His wisdom and be prepared. Seek Him first and He
will show you the way, through so many godly brothers and sisters who have
gone on ahead through the centuries and given plenty of solid advice to
follow. There is no time like the present. ANN

Nov 21, 2014

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