Dear friends, family, and publishers - and a few recipients that do not normally get my press releases - I do not have a new show for you this week, instead I have a personal request. Would you PLEASE share this update on the rapidly deteriorating state of my wife's health with your viewers, listeners, readers, friends, email contacts, and church families? All efforts to treat my wife of 28 years DeLynn, who has fought a courageous battle against Stage IV Colo-rectal and Liver Cancer for the past 2 years, have failed. Prayer is our only hope of defeating this insidious disease.

Here is the most recent update: TTiV Prayer Warrior Call To Action: "Father, Please Save My Wife" at

Once again, thank you for choosing to share The Truth Is Viral on your networks. To date your support of our stated mission of "Saving lives and winning souls for Jesus Christ in these very last days" has resulted in the Salvation of SIX people who got on their knees and asked Jesus Christ into their hearts after watching one of our shows. My zeal has cost me dearly though, causing Satan to attack me in hopes of crushing my spirit. I have watched SEVEN close friends and family members succumb to heart attacks and cancer in the past two years, including my daughter, wife, and mother.

Unfortunately for Old Scratch, he has no idea what he's dealing with. Lucifer is supposed to be "enlightened," a "genius," yet he doesn't understand the mentality of a United States Marine whose position is about to be overrun. We don't give up! We just fight harder, calling in a "Danger Close" fire mission to destroy the enemy if that's what it takes to accomplish our mission. With Jehovah God as my high tower and defender, holding the high ground and laying waste to the enemy with devastatingly accurate fire, I WILL accomplish my mission. With the help of the Holy Spirit, I WILL bring many more to their knees in search of the Salvation that has already been dearly purchased for them by the Blood of the Lamb, a gift freely offered by our Savior Jesus Christ. This I swear on my Sacred Honor as a United States Marine.

I understand that several of your publications are decidedly secular, and if the religious content of this email is too much for you to share I understand; but as I held her ashes in my hands, hands outstretched to God in supplication, I made a promise to my daughter - AND our Father in Heaven - that never again would I be so worried about what others might think that I would hold my tongue and keep my faith to myself. That is, in fact, why I do what I do. I was afraid of alienating my own daughter, who had just come to live with me after growing up with her atheist mother, and I never told her about Jesus Christ. I always though I had plenty of time to ease her into it.

I could not have been more wrong. She died before I could tell her what I know to be true about Jesus Christ. She died in ignorance, unsaved, and that is MY FAULT! Never again will I fail to witness for my Lord because I'm afraid of what people might say. I have more than enough guilt on that account, and to be quite honest, when I get a letter from someone telling me that because of my efforts (and yours) that they found the Lord, all of the suffering and pain caused by the Devil's attacks seem worth it.

Thank you in advance for whatever you feel led to do. Your assistance means more to me than you can possibly imagine.

God bless and Semper Fi,
Bob Powell
The Truth Is Viral

Nov 23, 2014

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