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In Re: Ferguson/St. Louis Civil Disorder

Ladies and Gentlemen,

11/28 there was virtually continuous gunfire all night long in both the Ferguson and City of St.Louis. Pistol fire, rifle fire and a lot of rapid semi-automatic fire.
We're not aware of any police, or MO National Guard, being shot at. The National Guard has been given rules of engagement that put them at risk, and makes them quite angry. While I know what the ROE's are, I won't be the one to publicly discuss them and put these men at further risk.

11/29 we had multiple incidents at area shopping malls The Galleria (Brentwood Blvd & US 40), (mid-to late afternoon) was shut down to arriving traffic. I drove by and observed this first-hand. The Richmond Heights police had all street entrances (from Brentwood Blvd & Clayton Rd) blocked with cruisers. The Galleria re-opened late afternoon. West County Shopping Center (Manchester & I-270) was closed late afternoon, re-opening before 1800 hours. Protestors unsuccessfully attempted to shut down I-270 exit ramps on to Manchester Rd. Both of the former were reported on local TV outlets. "The Mill" shopping mall in North County was either completely, or partially, closed. This was not reported on local TV.

If you want to monitor the local police (Ferguson) radio traffic, you can do so on the Internet at WWW.BROADCASTIFY.COM.

Today (11/29) it will be 60+ degrees in St. Louis. All the players are in place, ready to do whatever they are going to do. My expectation is that there is a high likelihood of several events today.

Yesterday, the NAACP announced they would commence today, a one-week march from Ferguson to the Governor's Mansion in Jefferson City.

Sunday 11/30, the weather forecast calls for considerably colder temps and precipitation. Events of the past few days show the protestors take their protests inside the shopping malls when it gets cold.

Nov 29, 2014

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