Gov't to Raid Retirement Accounts to Fund Shortfall of Treasury Purchases

Jim Sinclair: Gov’t to Raid Retirement Accounts to Fund Shortfall of Treasury Purchases
September 14, 2012 By The Doc 14 Comments

The legendary Jim Sinclair sent an email alert to subscribers this afternoon warning that the US government will soon liquidate private 401k and IRA retirement accounts and force private retirement assets into treasury paper as no major buyers of treasury paper remain outside of the Federal Reserve.

Sinclair correctly notes that the practice has already occurred recently in several Western nations, and that investors can expect the same to occur in the US as the government runs out of funding options.

Sinclair recommends investors stop creating and funding retirement accounts at a minimum.

From Jim Sinclair:

There is one more serious problem with all retirement accounts above and beyond the Sentinel Ruling and the integrity of the custodian.

If a systemic failure and lower dollar causes an unwanted increase in interest rates in light of the Fed as the major consumer of treasury paper in the last 18 months, how would the US government fund itself? You can be certain that China and the Middle East are not coming to the rescue.

One way would be to liquidate retirement accounts ($2 trillion USD) and put treasury paper into them to save the poor worker and coming retirees from loss as MSM and MOPE would say.

Look around the world at governments either eyeing retirement programs or invading them. You will find it is already happening.

Please, at a minimum, stop creating and funding them.


Sep 15, 2012

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