I guess common sense is a flower that doesn't grow in everyone's garden..

Steve, Hawk...I can't help but think of those people in Venezuela standing online for hours, fighting over items. I left an impression on me, after I read it I checked my bars of soap, and looked at my shampoo supplies. A beautician friend told me something years ago about baby shampoo. She said that is the best shampoo to dilute and stretch your budget with, because it gets hair the cleanest. So I need a few more bottles of those, which you can still get for a buck. And another plus for thinning out your shampoo. it helps slow down thinning hair. A barber told this to Jim years ago he said the shampoo can kill the hair follicles. When he started doing that his balding slowed down dramatically. I think what bothers me the most about Venezuela, is how people in this country do not see this happening here. I have several bars of that octagon soap to use if needed for laundry, I have several 5 gallon bucket of powdered laundry soap. People are out of laundry soap, wash your clothes any way, shave some bar soap or put a capful of shampoo it seems like people lack old fashion Yankee ingenuity. If its not handed to them the way they are use too they are at a lost...these people may not survive. Like the man looking for diapers,cut up a sheet for crying out loud... Unfortunately I can't take credit for that phrase...Keep the warning's coming, your postings and the radio shows are helping me fill in the gaps Thanks so much Guy's for all you do and for listening...Joy

Jan 10, 2015

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