Hey Steve,

I do the seafood ordering at my store. My supplier's inventory is way down even for the winter season. Initially our supplier took a hit because of the cold weather last week which brought his seafood offerings to about 75% of normal capacity, but this week it dropped to 60%. We are having trouble getting other items in as well.

I have noticed that we only have two kinds of ketchup now, but the shelves are being covered in such a way that it makes them look full. Lots of comments from customers about the high prices and products no longer being offered.

Is it possible for the government to secretly use tax payer money to buy up food supplies for their bunkers, like the DHS did with the bullets? (I have read that FDR did something similar in the 40's, by subsidizing the farmers to destroy their crops to drive up prices)

May the Lord bless you and our fellow watchmen!

Jan 13, 2015

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