RESPONSE TO LA GARDE’S STATEMENTS :strong headwinds...people waking up...resistance

(1) she's scary
(2) same mission, but opposite of what they say.."we need more control"
(3) due to large consumption of oil in US, they are unintentionally benefiting from 'cheap' oil....this must be addressed
(4) Rosetta / 67P...where do you start?
We've already discussed this, but...
Immediately I think..."she's an alien! But not your typical 'sheep' version. There are many among us.
'13', Rosetta, Egypt...Ra, ISIS, Osiris, the God of this world, 'spirit' of the century; (big 'heavenly' spiritual awakening at that time by the way! ) The mission will be fundamental part of 'disclosure', just like 'Baghdad was was going full circle, they are going full circle with Egypt...
(5) three stones...'triad'
(6) one world
(7) strong headwinds...people waking up...resistance
(8) implementation / return of Baghdad / tower of Babel society
(9) lots of reference to AmeriKa....look out
(10) too many financial references to go over...but most importantly. .
"opportunity to transfer wealth"... (I'm paraphrasing, but u get my drift)
(11) 'Structural Reforms' world
(12) 'Financial Regulations' world
(13) climate change will be forced down our throats
Get ready!!!
Look at that....used 13 points, without even trying!

Jan 16, 2015

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