Thoughts on 'Rosetta Moments'

The Rosetta Moments, those times in our lives when, either individually or as a community, we come to a crossroads and await an Epiphany. This speech leaves an undefinable sadness not easily defined. An example of how we as people can be so close to those meaningful answers we seek yet cannot see the very rock we are standing on. Adding to the IMF's motive to continually deceive the very people they are attempting to exterminate.

"...Late last year, on November 12, a little spacecraft operated by the European Space Agency made the first-ever landing on a comet after a 10-year journey covering half a billion miles. Like millions of others, I was mesmerized by the sheer audacity of this adventure..."
What is it about human nature that makes us seek after these "audacious "quests? Why do we spend billions on projects in the hope of finding answers to unsolved questions, when we as individuals and a society, we purposely left undone those simple tasks that we already have answers for, yet fail to complete them once the "novelty" of the situation wears off? while I don't see space programs as sinful per se there seems something wrong with the amount of money and human resources sent on these novelties when everyday but very real problems go unattended? (American children going to bed hungry, veterans waiting months for treatments, etc.)

"...this year the global economy will face what we might call three “Rosetta moments”. These are major policy challenges that require decisions based on political courage, decisive action, and multilateral thinking—in short, true global leadership...."
Yes, we face challenges that require all of the above. Yet why are the two most important, Love and Patience, always left off the list that defines "global leadership"?

"... But – surely – if we can catch a comet in space, can’t we address the policy challenges here on Earth?..."

We could, but it would require coming to terms if our communal and intergenerational guilt regarding how we arrived here.

"...Too many companies and households keep cutting back on investment and consumption today because they are concerned about low growth in the future...."
Well, I can't comment on the issue from a corporate aspect, but from a more personal and family level, I believe the greater problem is not concern about low growth. The concern is investing into a system that is so full of fraud and is rigged to the point that no true success is possible.

"...The recent atrocities in France – my home country – in Nigeria, or in Pakistan are only the latest actions of forces that are fundamentally opposed to what we here in this room believe in...."

A small break for humor from the institution who's ultimate goal is the death of 90 percent of the human population.

"...Most importantly, however, the drop in oil prices provides a golden opportunity to cut energy subsidies and use the savings for more targeted transfers to protect the poor – for which the IMF has been pushing hard...."

Again, a bit of humor from the Georgia Guidestone Corporation. Let me offer the IMF a new catch phrase, free of charge: "...The IMF: Saving the poor from themselves, one Mercy Killing at a time..."

"...If there is one lesson from the Great Recession, it is that you cannot have sustainable economic growth without a sustainable financial sector...."

Sustainable growth is not sustainable without HOPE. (Something both I and my countrymen have been chronically low on the past six months.) Hope that an Man's individual blood sweat and tears poured forth into His life's work will produce enough stability for Himself and His family in a time when everything is constantly in flux and unstable.

"...But fully restoring trust needs an all-out effort to promote and enforce ethical behavior throughout the industry...."

Lessons in trust from the Men and Women who pay for Women to be sterilized without their knowledge or consent in third world vaccine programs.

"...2015 will also be make-or-break for efforts to strike an international agreement on climate change, which is on a collision course with the global economy. Average temperatures are rising – 2014 was the warmest year on record..."

Mr. Quayle, I do not know which is more telling: The hubris of wanting to play God and change the Climate, or the stupidity of actually believing Humanity has the real ability to do so.

"...Again, we need greater political courage to reach a comprehensive deal to cut carbon emissions at the Paris summit in December. A successful agreement could usher in a new energy era that could help save the planet..."

Still laughing from previous climate statement. Please, Mr. Quayle, make them stop. It's too early to be waking the neighbors from so much laughing.

"...As I have spoken much about leadership today, I cannot but express my profound disappointment in the political powers who have so far failed to grasp the benefits of the reform both for their own country and for the world at large. We have seen better from the United States over the last 70 years...."

Madam, I am sorry to say their are no REAL MEN left in the United States. They were extinguished at some point between The Beatles, who taught a generation that meaning employment is making a debacle of oneself by reducing your Manhood to being viewed as a sexual object and the heroine and cocaine epidemic which gave Men a choice to take the easy out from their problems.

"...given the challenges that 2015 and the following years will bring, there is no alternative to completing the 2010 reforms – and we continue to call on Congress to approve them without delay..."

Apparently our government propaganda that we, the United States, are so dearly important to the health and wellness of the rest of the globe, has been fairly successful. Added to the irony that Madam speaker actually believes that we, the United States, the most spoiled self centered country on the face of the earth, who actually give a damn as to how our actions affect the rest of humanity.

“...What you leave behind is not what is engraved in stone monuments, but what is woven into the lives of others...”

What you leave behind Madame, is the pain, sadness and institutionalized evil that you have most wholeheartedly interwoven in the bodies and psyche of countless victims, and a body count that would leave Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge behind in the dust.

I would like to thank you again for your prayers offered on my behalf. If I make it, I look forward to meeting you one day in heaven.

God bless you,


Jan 16, 2015

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