FALSE FLAG AND MARTIAL LAW--MIDDLE EAST READY TO GO HOT! CURRENT INTELLIGENCE REPORT: 911/2012,FALSE FLAG ATTACK; 1)The massive protest in the middle East is part of a well planned and precisely executed attack against U.S. ambassador to Libya,J. Christopher Stevens and embassies across the region.The release DVD of the anti-muslim film purported to be the cause of all the rage,was merely a greenlight to go signal to begin the attack on U.S.ambassador Stevens resulting in his death.The film was produce by enemy elements of the intelligence community for the sole purpose to be labeled as the cause of the violence in the middle East.The first riot was a smoke screen to cover the approach of well train and heavily armed Al-Qaeda fighters sent to assassinate the ambassador. NOTE:Internet communications between terrorist cells are common and in real time.Much faster then phone calling each cell and with social media and news alert text messaging the DVD release was a fast world wide message to every cell. 2)The muslim riots are a new on going phase in the NWO plan for global chaos to bring the middle East under a single Islamic rule (Caliphate) and the rest of the world governments under a New World Order.This will be accomplished in a number of PHASES.These phases are part of a NON-LINEAR PLAN,which means some aspects of the plan may over lap or precide out of order as to gain the element of surprise or a strategic advantage. NOTE:If any nuclear device is detonated anywhere in the world.PHASE IV will begin immediately,at which time recommendation should go into effect directly. . PHASE I The Muslim Brotherhood/Al-Qaeda riots for an Islamic revolution and bring all muslim countries under the an Islamic Caliphate.This is the grand plan for the middle East,but will spread into the West to cause chaos and as a diversion in an attempt to keep the public focus on the FALSE FLAG event(s) through the main stream media news cycle and not on the source,NWO/U.N./FRBNY/GLOBAL BANKING CABAL PHASE II Spread of violent Muslim Brotherhood/Al-Qaeda riots across the middle East,muslim North Africa/central Asia,the Mediterranean countries and western Europe.Bringing the world to the brink of economic and social collapse.All the while driving Israel to striking back at the Muslim Brotherhood/Al-Qaeda rioters source of weapons and support,Iran/Syria. PHASE III Further erode present economic conditions through,qualitative easing(QE3),market manipulations,bank holiday's and a currency change.The spread of Muslim Brotherhood/Al-Qaeda riots to the U.S. with little or no action taken by the current administration.Until the public out cry is so great for action to be taken,that the administration orders in the troops to restore order on the street of America. NOTE:If Israel strikes Iran/Syria or border wars with Arabic nation(s) go HOT,PHASES II will converge with PHASE III rapidly followed by Phase IV. PHASE IV With calls for Troops on the streets quell violent Muslim Brotherhood/Al-Qaeda riots across the country and the final collapse of the economy.The new order of the day is to not stopping the violent Muslim Brotherhood/Al-Qaeda rioters,but to quelling civil unrest.Dawn to dust curfews will be enforced and checkpoints requiring a valid reason(to work/school/store/medical emergency) for driving on the public streets will be placed at key intersections and choke points.Unauthorized travel will be cause for detainment and all vehicles and homes with be search for weapons and contra ban(large amounts of food,fuel or survival gear).This phase is the nail in the coffin for the Bill of Rights and the U.S. Constitution,with the end of civil liberties as we know them. RECOMMENDATION(S): 1)Make all final preparations now,and speak to all your friends and loved ones who in the past were unwilling to prepare.Ask them now to start storing up food/water/fuel and any weapons and ammo they can.It 's never to late until it's too late and every little bit helps. 2)If your safe zone/bunker is more then a two States away you should plan to leave sooner rather then later.Waiting may spell disaster.A second contingency plan to stay in place or near by in the event travel is impossible is highly advisable. NOTE:When Phase IV begins,traveling the open roads would be unadvisedly and should be attempted only at night in a large heavily armed convoy. 3)Transfer any remaining wealth into physical gold/silver before the bottom drops out the market completely and or paper money rendered worthless by the FRBNY. 4)All Patriot groups should bring their alert status up to the HIGHEST level of readiness and be prepared to mobilize at a moments notice.No action or mobilization should take place @ this time and not until enemy action(s) occurs on American soil and/or PHASE IV begin.At which time ALL patriots should mobilize and act to secure America preserve the Republic. END REPORT

Sep 16, 2012

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