Good morning,

This is before coffee, but reading between the lines, so far I get this:

1- The existence of the CFR & IMF were justified by war;

2- There was a lot of numerology play with the number 3;

3- The rest of the world is sick of the U.S.; WW3 is coming and it will be blamed on us(America)

4- Climate change reform will be forced upon us in a way that will hurt and deceive many

5- She gave tribute to the ancient Egyptian devils of course; nothing new there(not to trivialize it)

6- the nod and quote by Pericles struck me- Pericles rose to popularity through wars; two of them. One of which included Persia, if I am not mistaken.

That's all I have for now. I hope I helped a little? I am a paralegal, so I need to go get my coffee and find my brains for work today.

God Bless you Mr. Steve! Jessa

Jan 16, 2015

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