World Economic Forum:This event is also slated to occur on June 18th of 2015, which is also very alarming due to the 666 numerology (6th month, 18th day, 6x3).

Hi Steve,

First, I would like to thank you for the time that you have spent in talk radio and for all the work that you have done in informing the Body of Christ about prophetic future events. I thank God for you and for the work that you do in preparing all of us for the times ahead. I will also continue to pray for your strength to carry out your God-given mission.

I am not sure if you've already heard about this or not, but I just wanted to share an interesting discovery that I made early this morning.

I was awakened some time around 4 A.M. and started to browse on the Internet when I stumbled upon the link to a presentation given by Al Gore on the topic of climate change at the 2015 World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, Switzerland. (

As a graduate student, I have studied the WEF and ironically included the organization in my research for a project last semester. You may already know this, but the WEF was founded by German banker Klaus Schwab and is basically an annual assembly of the global elite designed for the purpose of discussing strategies for implementing economic globalization and shaping global political agendas of the coming year.

The video in the link that I found online was devoted to the topic of climate change, but the issue of climate change itself was not the most important part of the video. What was important was that at the end of Al Gore's presentation, he introduced the plans for a 24 hour global concert called Live Earth 2015, that would focus upon climate change. He stated that the creative director of this concert would be popular award winning hip hop star Pharrell Williams.

According to Williams, this concert will be one worldwide event on all seven continents with an audience of 2 billion people. It will be the largest television digital radio broadcast ever created and the goal was to "literally have humanity harmonize all at once." Williams emphasized the concept of humanity being "all as one" and repeated that we now have the "perfect conditions" and said that this is an "important moment for our species."

Now besides those particular phrases, it was mentioned that within the conference, there was a need to "renew the global political will." All these phrases sounded very alarming to me and somehow brought to my mind (I believe it was the Holy Spirit who brought this connection to my mind) the organization called Lucis Trust. So I began to research a bit on the connection between the WEF and Lucis Trust. What I found was that on the Lucis Trust web page, there is a project called the "Cycle of Conferences."

According to the web page, the objective of this project is "to facilitate a worldwide meditation group that joins together in a visualization to help spiritually enlighten the atmosphere." Judging by the description of this Lucis Trust project and Pharrell Williams's description of Live Earth 2015, I believe that this concert is a part of the Cycle of Conferences.

This event is also slated to occur on June 18th of 2015, which is also very alarming due to the 666 numerology (6th month, 18th day, 6x3). What I've found so far is enough evidence for me to know that whatever these elites have planned for this concert will definitely be strange and demonic in nature. I also believe that these comments concerning this event indicate that we are entering into a time of very intense supernatural activity on planet Earth. I hope you will look into this event and share any thoughts so that others can be informed and prepared.

Thanks and God bless,


Jan 21, 2015

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