I just saw two of the alerts related to pharmacies. I am a pharmacy tech
working for a Major Drug Store Chain in Texas and I am here to tell you, they will do what ever it
takes to force any and every vaccination they can on you. Even after the
CDC released how inefficient the flu vaccines were, they still want the
pharmacist to lie about it. During one of my in store training tests we
have to take, we were given the number of shots given last year, and then
pretty much commanded us to beat that by five percent this year.
It is getting ridiculous on drug shortages. From forms of antidepressants
to pain meds. To top it off, I literally watch the prices go up from month
to month, and see less and less covered by insurance. Being the month of
January, the new policies are kicking in and the drugs once covered are not
covered any more.
One more very obvious thing is taking place. Medicaid used to only cover
generic drugs. Not so anymore. The drugs like the generic Adderall for ADD
and ADHD are not covered. It has to be the brand name drug. How much is
that costing the tax payer? Who is benefiting from that? The funny thing
is, when they do cover some generics, they can only be from certain
manufacturers. They actually list the NDC numbers they will accept. Tell me
there are no kick-backs. Medicare is getting just as bad. Drugs that have
been covered for years are no longer in their formulary. They seem to never
give that list of covered drugs out.
I get yelled at constantly for the huge co-pays. Luckily, I can pull up
some policy deductibles from my computer. Not all pharmacies can do this. I
will print the page and give it to them to shut them up. They have
deductibles that they don't even know they have. A lot of the people have
such huge deductibles they will be paying all of their meds out of pocket
before they could pay them off. Guys and gals, READ what you are buying!
God has truly blessed me with a job I will be starting in two weeks with
a Christian run privately own pharmacy. A lot of things may not change as
far as regulations, but I will not be commanded to try and force flu shots
on people who don't want them. I was getting in trouble for not doing so,
and my days were limited. Steve, Hawk, thanks for all your work. D.

Jan 22, 2015

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