Forced Vaccinations at the airport: NOT NEW --SEE FEED BACK FROM DR. IN ECUADOR

Forced Vaccinations at the airport:
I live in Ecuador and a friend of mine has an American girlfriend who
visited from Honduras. She came down for a few days and on trying to
return this morning, she was told that she would have to cancel her flights
because she needed to get a Yellow Fever vaccination, a process that takes
5 days to obtain. Very odd. No notice was ever given previously, and I
have had numerous people I know who flew in and out of here from Central
America without ever needing this. So this is a new requirement. Your
readers in the U.S. will think that this doesn't apply to them, but this is
how it starts: they sneak in these requirements on the periphery and work
their way to all the "First World" countries. IF YOU DO ANY TRAVELING
INTERNATIONALLY, this is how they are sneaking in getting everybody
vaccinated and chipped at the airport. Perhaps this is a cautionary tale
that you need to find the place you're going to hunker down through the
tribulation and stay there. It is now no longer safe to travel across
national borders. Soon, it will be state borders. Remember: this is a
mandatory requirement and you get no prior notice. No vaccination and
chip? Fine. You don't get to return home or otherwise continue on your
journey. The sad part is that this woman is dead set against vaccination
or chipping but now she has no choice. I wouldn't have written this if
this were not an extremely serious development. G.C. RESPONSE FROM DR. IN ECUADOR--The requirement for yellow fever vaccination has been on the books for Ecuador a long time……A few years back I checked on vaccinations required for Ecuador (among other countries) and it was required if coming from countries where it was endemic……or parts of countries……
I would guess that the requirement would depend more on who she death with (or here attitude), but that is a guess on my part…..I have traveled in and out of Peru many times without a question……
But the requirement is definitely not new….THANK YOU DOC!

Jan 26, 2015

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