Steve, i am a huge admirer of yours! I read your site every day. Listen to you whenever i can kn Hagmann & Hagmann, Alex Jones, wherever i can catch you.

However as a fellow Monatanan, we need your help. We are fighting the fight in Flathead Valley. It's a water fight and this war will grow. It's targeting 11 counties now but the CSKT tribe has already said they want to go after water/land rights in the rest of the state next.

Make no mistake; the Feds are behind it, and our using the indians as a tool. This will spread (and already has started), nationwide.
I am also forwarding an attachment, in case it didnt come through with this email.
The attachment is a short letter by Elaine Wilman, that she sent to our legislators. She wrote a book titled "Going to Pieces" about the indian takeover of land/water rights nationwide.
In this letter i am forwarding, she compares this fight here to what the Colonists faced against the British.

If you can please shed more light on this topic, we would be very grateful. We think if some national focus can be put on this, that some of the legislators supporting this, may start scurrying like cockroaches.

Anyway, Elaine is very well spoken, please read her letter. I believe u posted an article about water fights before but i cant stress enough how important this current fight is.

Incidentally Elaine is flying in (lives in Wisconsin now), and will be here Thursday and Friday.
Please let me know if you can help.
And you should know, i pray for you and all the other Watchman every day!

Feb 4, 2015

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