What Is Next on the anti-firearm agenda? What Is Next on the anti-firearm agenda? I’m sure the television news told you all about the U.N. Small Arms Treaty being passed. (See Last Post ) No??? The Rothschild Zionist network at ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, FOX and MSNBC were busy following theProtocol 12 ; Control the Press to the point that even newspapers didn’t report the event on the last page. The reason television news and newspapers are not informing the American citizens is to prevent the militias of the several states from forming and beginning to train. A very cleaver idea; don’t you think? They want to keep you in the dark until it is too late. The old argument that the Senate will not ratify this treaty, can easily be debunked, when you remember that the Senate did not pass the U.N. Agenda 21. In fact they refused to pass it, but it got passed by an Executive Order of Bill Clinton. The same will be true with this treaty and it really doesn’t matter who wins the presidential election. You cannot enter into negotiations on a treaty and not sign the results of the consensus. It’s an old trick of the globalists to get the opposition into negotiations. It works at the local level and the global level. The United States entered into the negotiations on the U.N. Small Arms Treaty and now we are stuck with it. With the passage of the United Nations Small Arms Treaty, what can be expect in the future? The globalists have 6 years to disarm us, at two year intervals. Expect legislation, more false flag operations and continued dumbing down of America’s youth, and the world’s youth, to accept the yoke of global government. Enter H.R. 6241 and S. 3458, identical bills in both houses that are currently in committee; titled Stop Online Ammunition Sales Act of 2012 . When passed, in person sales of ammunition will be required, as well as registration of amounts exceeding 1,000 rounds, or 1,000 rounds over a week period. The idea behind this legislation is to make you pay more in the future for ammunition and to register sales. It will also limit your selection to what ever is available at a local store. Another bill before Congress, sitting in committee is Gun Show Loophole Closing Act of 2011. It is H.R. 591, in the House and S.35 in the Senate. It would permanently ban Gun Shows if passed. In a disgusting display of needed donations, Gun Owners of America has this one listed as an ex post-facto Bill, which it is not. It is H.R. 308 in the House and S. 32 in the Senate. It is titled Large Capacity Ammunition Feeding Device Act . It would prohibit the transfer or possession of a semi-auto clip that can hold more than 10 rounds of ammunition. When this Bill passes, clips that hold more than 10 rounds will have a serial number and be sold strickly for police, the government agencies and military. Right now the gun rights groups: N.R.A., G.O.A and National Gun Rights Org. are looking for money. They think they can outspend Rothschild, Soros and the Rockefeller Fund to secure your rights. That is impossible, spend your money to stock up while you still can. All firearms groups know it their last ‘Hoorah’ for fund raising and they know it, they have not even admitted they have lost. Here is another one held up in committee, Fix Gun Checks Act of 2011. This one penalized states that don’t report enough violators to the National Instant Criminal Background Checks. In the Senate it is S. 436. Doing a search for ‘assault weapons’ this Bill came up, titled Child Gun Safety And Gun Access Prevention Act Of 2011. This one raises the age of ‘Juvenile’ to ‘under 21′ with penalties for transfer of guns, ammunition, high capacity clips to anyone under 21 who might commit a crime. This one is bound to pass, because of the New Speak in the title. The socialists will love it. Here is an article that you will probably enjoy, titled The RNC declaration of war, and the coming revolution. The author and I would be friends, because he fully understands how controlled the press is and comments about Roman Circuses on the television. He is willing to fight at age 63 and possibly die, over his oath and unwillingness to allow any more transgression against our Bill of Rights. There is a lesson to be learned here from this gentleman’s resolve. Death would be preferable to what tyranny our government has planned for the future. There is no limit once our firearms are gone.

Sep 18, 2012

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