Steve I live near where the Chris Kyle trial is underway. Local news is covering the story. There are a number of facts revealed in trial testimony I find very unusual.

First cell phone records show Mr. Kyle and his friend texted each other regarding the mental state of the alleged shooter Eddie Ray Routh, who was sitting behind them in a quad cab truck. Mr. Kyle and his friend, Chad Littlefield, were both alarmed by the alleged shooter's mental presentation. Mr. Kyle is quoted as saying the alleged shooter is "Strait-up nuts".

Second, Mr. Kyle was shot five times in the back and once in the head with a 45 cal. ACP. Mr. Littlefield was shot six times in the back and once in the head with a 9mm. This information is extremely important for two reasons. The time required to fire a total of six or seven shots with one type of firearm then change to the other type of firearm would give a trained operator more than enough time to respond to a threat. I also submit Mr. Kyle and Mr. Littlefield were not unaware of the mental instability of the alleged shooter, Routh. I find it impossible to believe either of the trained operators would not have been in a state of hyper vigilance due to the mental presentation of the alleged shooter.

Both Mr. Kyle and Mr. Littlefield were shot several times in the back and once in the head. The method of body shots to take down a subject then firing one or more shots to the head indicates a highly trained shooter killing each man. I also submit there had to be two separate shooters because of the time required to complete each hit. It is my belief, based on the trial testimony, there were two trained operatives who did the shooting.

Mr. Routh had been smoking marijuana dipped in embalming fluid "WET" which produces extreme psychosis along with the ingestion of alcohol prior to the shooting. I find it extremely hard to believe anyone impaired in this manner could operate the two firearms at a skill level required to complete the killing of two highly skilled operators.

To believe Mr. Routh killed both Mr. Kyle and Mr. Littlefield we must believe many unbelievable things. First, two trained operators were overcome by a highly impaired nonprofessional. Second, two rational people would allow access to loaded firearms to a person they considered insane. Third, we must believe not only would they allow access to firearms to an insane person, they would then both turn away from him. Fourth, two trained operators reacted so slowly the impaired shooter was able to fire six or seven shots then change firearms and kill the second operator before he could even turn around and return fire.

I find the story line the government presents to be pure BS but believable by the majority of the people. Most people lack the background and skill set to know how impossible the story is.

My assessment based on trial testimony is that a professional hit was carried out by two shooters. Mr. Routh, is the usual mentally impaired person, recently released from government connected psychiatric inpatient care who has been programmed to confess to the crime. I have no way of knowing why Mr. Kyle and Mr. Littlefield were murdered. I believe the using of two different caliber firearms is a major red flag that will be recognized by other operators as a professional hit. The hit may have been done to prevent the further release of information by Mr. Kyle and as a warning to others.


Feb 15, 2015

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