We made it safely to Iraq and have started plans to work with the Peshmerga and have done our first aid clinic for refugees. God is good.

Unfortionately it took a week to get here instead of the 2 days it should have. Airine booking issues plagued us the entire trip. Finally, what topped it off was government authorities confiscating about 50k worth of our equipment we planned to use to assist in helping the Peshmerga and refugees. They detained us for 6 hours, causing us to miss another one of our flights and then released us and said we broke no laws, but that our equipment would not be released to us in time to leave with us (it would supposedly be mailed back home a few weeks later). They tried to convince us not to go many times, but we were not deterred.

Needless to say, the enemy does not want us here and does not want us to spread the Light and Kingdom of the Lord Jesus. God is sovereign above all of this. Your prayers are welcome and needed for favor, guidance, wisdom, protection and Divine health and rest.

Thank you Steve. Bless you.

Feb 17, 2015

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