Dear Steve, Thank you for posting the photos (from SkywatchTV) showing the giants on display at Universal Studios in Japan. The backstory behind these giants is worth mentioning, due both to the themes and to the fact that about 50 million copies of this manga (anime) venture have been sold, not counting youtube and various other presentations available, since 2009.

The featured giants come from a Japanese series with the English title "Attack on Titan". The setup is that humanity has been hunted to near-extinction by a group or race or tribe of giants that have an insatiable appetite for human flesh. Humanity survives only by enclosing itself within a citadel of three concentric rings of high walls (Ouroboros; spirit/soul/body; the Trinity; Illuminati luciferianism). At some point the two outer walls are breached by these "titans" and slaughter ensues.

It is later revealed in the series that not only were the citadel walls originally constructed by "titans", but these "titans" are in fact HUMANS who have discovered a way to BECOME giants, and some have even learned not only how to shapeshift between the giant and normal human state (and able to deceive real humans), and others have learned of something called "the coordinate", which is a power to control other giants.

The ostensible "hero" of the series is a young man whose mother is eaten by a giant. He then fights the giants, only to get eaten himself, only then to be resurrected as a "rogue giant" with knowledge of controlling power.

This is a tremendously bloody and graphic series, with an emphasis on death, shamanism (as the rebirth of the shaman after being consumed by a pagan god), pain, suffering, and the powerlessness of religion. What religion is presented is of the Eastern and New Age type, and it is crushed mercilessly by these "titans".

This is a telegraph to all Eastern religions: you will be devoured by the spirits of the Nephilim. At the same time, it is an invitation to the Shamanistic religions: let us devour you, so you will become us, and we will give you power.

Themes of mixed genetics and transhumanism are clearly present: the long-dead spirits of the giants want us to accept them as a natural vector, and to reproduce the giant bodies which they can inhabit, and to convince us that we can be as "gods".

C. in Taiwan

Feb 24, 2015

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