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The 2013 anime "Shingeki no Kyojin", or Attack on Titan, has all that "C. in Taiwan" implies, and more. I have watched the series from the beginning, and "C" left out a few details.

The main character becomes a shapeshifting giant because his missing father was doing government-sponsored research into the Titans, much like our "deep black" projects today. The main character gets his Titan powers from a syringe shot forced on him by his father against his will. (Paralleling forced vaccinations? Or the Mark of the Beast?) A side effect of the forced vaccination is memory loss of the actual event for several weeks.

The Titans are mindless giants, ever-growing and ever-hungry, living forever, but eating humans does not sate their hunger: the story reveals how the Titans' bodies are solar-powered flesh. The giants don't even have digestive systems, and must vomit up their stomach's contents when full. Most Titans can be thought of as gigantic babies who want to eat, and eat, and eat, or throw temper tantrums to bash through the walls and get to the humans inside. Only a handful show any intelligence at all, and the series reveals these are the shapeshifting Titans. Or rather, "mature" Titans "wake up" and can shapeshift back to human form after several years. (Paralleling demon possession?) A human does not age while being a Titan, and Titans have miraculous regeneration powers, including the replacement of multiple limbs in a matter of seconds. They never stop growing in size, even after centuries. Titans also ignore all other forms of life except humans. (Part of the anti-human naturalists' agenda of a "green, peaceful Earth".)

The military are seen as either corrupt, if they choose to live inside the walls and protect the merchants and royals within the smallest walled circle, or fodder, as they try to kill the giants who invade the walls. Naturally the best and brightest humans' lives are thanklessly thrown away defending the rest of humanity. Normal citizens despise the military as corrupt as well as not doing enough to protect them from the giants. There is no survivor's benefits for families of soldiers, not even a burial in most cases. Technology is also halted somewhere around the 19th Century.

When faced with too many homeless refugees from the first walled break-in by the Titans, the royals' response was to conscript the survivors into a military offensive that had a 95% death rate, rather than feed and house them.

The manga, or original comic book of Shingeki no Kyojin, further indicates that a certain power-behind-the-throne family might have introduced the Titans in the first place, in order to consolidate power, force humanity into the three-walled city, and cull the rest of the population.

The overall theme of Shingeki no Kyojin is hopelessness in the face of overwhelming odds, because you can only defeat the enemy by becoming them. The lucky ones are the ones who can hide within government and feed the masses to the maw awaiting them all.

Jeremy in North Carolina, USA

Feb 25, 2015

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