When Internet and telephone service failed in northern Arizona midday Wednesday, Feb. 25, it brought an early close to many businesses.

Hi Steve and Doug - Yesterday around noon the phones and internet went dead from North Phoenix to Flagstaff. Like most businesses, we were dead in the water as most everything we do is internet based. The story from our ISP initially was that someone hit a transformer. Another local cable company said a road construction crew hit a line. The internet and phones were down anywhere from 6 – 15 hours as a result of what turned out to be a fiber optic cable cut. Local bank were writing handwritten receipts and merchants were only taking cash as credit cards could not be used. The “911” system also was out of commission.

The news is reporting today that a fiber optic cable was intentionally cut in broad daylight in an act of “vandalism”. There is very little news coverage about this story and many of us here suspect this was a “dry run” of sorts. For those here in our office who think I am completely a nut job, it was a good wake-up call to discover how vulnerable the system is.

I just thought I would share this story and our local news report is below. Jay

Feb 26, 2015

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