Internet down Feb.25 in far west Texas--FEB 25

My name is Rick ,and I live in Alpine Texas, a small very rural town in the Big Bend (far West Texas).

We have at least 3 local internet providers which include ATT and our internet went down (specifically ATT) on Wednesday around noon for 8 hours.

Being a spirit filled born again believer and fully awake for 20 years, I was immediately suspicious about the downed net and curious if problems were occurring around the country, especially in light of the secret FCC vote yesterday.

I got on the phone and began calling around town to confirm is was a network problem and not my computer (or modem). I found that ATT was the main provider that was down reaching other towns near mine, as well as other internet providers that were experiencing problems.

The network was restored by 8pm Wednesday night. I have not heard or been given any kind of explanation for the failure.

Your article posted today "Attack On Arizona's Internet" confirmed my suspicions.

By the way, our little town here has the highest concentration of federal LE per capita that any other in the country.

In Christ,

Feb 27, 2015

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