Black Hawk helicopter crash.eyewitness account.As the helicopter lost power and began falling from the sky, this lady said there was suddenly this "big white light' coming from it,she distinctly said it was a’very big round ball of white light,explosion

Hi Steve,

We live in Fort Walton Beach, just a few miles east of where the Black Hawk helicopter crashed into the Santa Rosa Sound in Navarre, Florida two nights ago.

I wanted to give you an update we saw on WEAR, our local (Pensacola) TV station here earlier today. They've been reporting live from the scene of the crash in Navarre, and giving good updates. Today, WEAR reporter Meg MacNamara interviewed two residents, who were eye witnesses to the crash, and here's what they had to say.....

1. This husband and wife watched the first Black Hawk helicopter fly over their house (they live on the water's edge of Santa Rosa Sound). It flew over their house, heading south out over the Sound. They heard the engine of the helicopter and everything sounded and looked normal....except....

2. The helicopter was flying much too low....lower than they normally fly

3. As the lady watched it fly out over the Sound for a distance of approximately three hundred yards, suddenly all the lights went out on the Black Hawk, and the engine went dead, completely silent...and the helicopter started to fall from the sky

4. As the helicopter lost power and began falling from the sky, this lady said there was suddenly this "big white light" coming from it....she distinctly said it was a"very big round ball of white light". (explosion?)

5. As soon as she saw the big white ball of white light (even through all the dense fog) they heard an enormous sound. ....a big bang (the same sound others residents in the area reported hearing at the time of the crash, but she actually saw the whole thing happen)

6. Two or three minutes went by, she said, and here comes the second Black Hawk helicopter. The second helicopter flew right over where the first helicopter went down. It then turned around and flew back in the direction it came from. (north, in the direction of Eglin AFB....and, it was flying at normal altitude.)

7. Her husband somehow got to talk to one of the divers who was first on the scene ....and the diver said they'd recovered two bodies from the front/cockpit of the helicopter and they were still strapped into their seats. The recovery of these bodies hasn't been reported even in the local media the military apparently wasted no time getting on the scene and getting their divers into the water.....

Please keep these important points in mind that came in initial reports the morning after the helicopter crash......

a. According to WEARTV, it took over two hours for Eglin AFB to 'realize' they had lost communication with the helicopter..

b. There was no mention (during the initial reports) of a second Black Hawk helicopter being present.

c. It took another two and a half hours to get emergency crews to the scene to begin their search and rescue mission. (Eglin AFB is a stone's throw from where the crash took place)

d. According to reports, why did it take a total of 5+ hours to notify the local sheriff's office and media that a crash had taken place?

e. Why did locals report smelling the strong odor of fuel in the air around that time? And why did the crash shake local homes and windows and knock things off shelves?

f. Why did ABC (parent company to WEARTV news) call WEARTV and tell them that the helicopter (that had crashed) turned around and was heading back to base because of intense foggy conditions? (they do these drills in all kinds of climate conditions)

I heard lead news anchor, Bob Solarsky deny live on air that no such communication from the head office of ABC arrived in their newsroom.

g. Why has the MSM lied, telling the nation that the crash took place near here in Fort Walton Beach, when in fact it took place in Navarre.

h. Why did Senator Bill Nelson go on record to say that the helicopter was flying over Fort Walton Beach, and then it flew over Chocktawhatchee Bay (directly to our east), intimating that the crash took place over the bay, when in fact it crashed in Navarre (directly to our west)?

I thought you'd want to know what's really happening and how the truth is being twisted and spun by the main stream. Clearly they have something to hide, which begs the question.... Is this a cover up? And what are they hiding? I can't thank you enough for all the work you're doing in the name of Jesus. Thank you, Steve!

Sue Ellen in Florida

P.S And another interesting note.....on the night of the crash, this dense fog we're experiencing was not forecast. Earlier reports claimed the fog would be gone, but it's still here, and not predicted to move out until perhaps Saturday morning. In all the years we've lived here, we've never seen fog like this, and it's slowed down the search and rescue efforts. (which is now search and recovery)

Mar 12, 2015

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