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Hello Mr. Quayle,

I have followed your website for a number of years and recently had the opportunity to listen to your interview with Alex Jones, during which you asserted that the Marxists are going to (and are in the very process of doing so) take over the U.S. I have been researching the topic for many years and I have found that many defectors from the former Soviet Union and other socialist countries have been warning of this very thing for many years, as well. Most recently, Robert Buchar has produced a film questioning the official narrative of the 'collapse' of communism in the late 80s. Robert Buchar is a filmmaker from Czechoslovakia that produced the documentary entitled The Collapse of Communism – The Untold Story. The thesis of the film is that the so-called collapse of communism has been misunderstood and misinterpreted by the West. Buchar interviews former members of our intelligence agencies as well as defectors from former Soviet bloc countries in order to prove that said collapse was largely based on deception and that the Russians were the real winners of the Cold War. His information lends support to the notion (mentioned by Golitsyn to whom I allude below) that the feigned collapse was, and is, part of a long-range strategy designed to weaken the West and to facilitate a convergence of the East and West under a one world communist order.

This thesis of a feigned collapse being part of a larger overall strategic plan to conquer the West is also supported by the analysis of Russian defector Anatoliy Golitsyn, who claims that the 'collapse' of the Soviet Union was planned in the very heart of Moscow as a part of a long-range strategy to catch the West off-guard in order to obtain ultimate victory over the West and to facilitate the implementation of a world government based on communist, rather then free-market principles. I found a chilling passage in Golitsyn's book, The Perestroika Deception in which he is talking about the long-range objectives of the Soviets for the subversion of the United States. He explains that the Soviets want to put the West to sleep and to discredit the traditional conservatives who are wary of the true objectives of the Russians, and that the so-called collapse of communism is a part of their long-range strategy in this regard. He explains that the Russians also seek to get a far-left candidate into office in the U.S. Then, Golitsyn makes the following chilling comment:

"The Soviets strategists believe that an economic depression in the United States would provide even more favorable conditions for the execution of the strategy [of eliminating and curtailing the influence of anti-Communists -my note]. In that event, the Soviets and their allies would shift to the doctrine of the class struggle and try to divide the Western nations along crude class lines." [Are we not seeing this now with all of the rhetoric coming from the far left in this country in an attempt to divide and conquer? This also shows the hypocrisy of Marxists in the sense that they don't want to help the poor as did, for instance, the Democrats of a bygone era, back before the radicals had taken over the party, but rather to exploit the poor to their own advantage. - my note]

Next, Golitsyn makes the frightening statement:
"The final period of 'restructuring' in the United States and Western Europe would be accompanied, not only by the physical extermination of active anti-Communists, but also by the extermination of the political, military, financial and religious elites. Blood would be spilled and political re-education camps would be introduced. The Communists would not hesitate to repeat the mass repressions of their revolution of 1917, of the Soviet occupation of Eastern Europe in the Second World War or of the Chinese Communist victory of 1949.
This time, they would resort to mass repressions in order to prevent any possibility of revolt by the defeated, and to make their victory final."
~ quoted from The Perestroika Deception p. 34

If this is true, then the fact that the US now finds itself in the midst of severe economic slump signifies that we have entered a period of great danger. Golitsyn suggests that such a post-Cold War economic decline in the West would signify the very last phase of the communist plan to conquer the U.S. And, it's hard for folks to dismiss a man like Golitsyn as a 'conspiracy theorist' when he talks about Soviet future-oriented plans for the U.S. that involve re-education camps and the repression of political dissidents during a period characterized by an economic depression. Indeed, Mr. Golitsyn correctly predicted the collapse of the Soviet Union and the fall of the Berlin Wall many years before these events actually occurred. So far as I know, nobody else was suggesting such a possibility at the time.

What people fail to understand is that, should the U.S. fall, it would bring disaster not only upon ourselves but also upon many of our allies such as England, Israel, etc., especially those countries who depend upon the U.S. for their national defense. And then the voice of liberty would be quashed throughout the world, possibly forever given the high-tech gadgetry within the reach of all would-be tyrants these days. I certainly hope things don't go that route, but events are certainly shaping up to point to exactly such a scenario as that which you have been discussing on your program. Thanks for broadcasting information which the MSM chooses to ignore for its own reasons.

Finally, this is the point where Alex Jones's otherwise good analysis breaks down and your analysis is solid. Jones sees the Russians not as a threat (and indeed even goes so far as to paint Russia as an anti-NWO force) and tends to focus too much on the so-called Western global elite. The reality is otherwise, however. Russia is now solidly under the control of the same folks who formerly ran the KGB (Putin and Co.) and they pose just as real of a threat to the US and its interests as they ever did during the Cold War. And, while many criticisms have been directed against the West for its policies of colonialism and imperialism, these seem critics are all too eager to ignore the imperialism of the Soviet Union as it swallowed up most of Eastern Europe at the close of WWII, and sent military to quash the anti-communist revolution in Hungary during the 1950's, all with the US government's implicit approval. The Russia of today is still the same old imperialist force of the Cold War era, and I suspect that it is behind a great many of the anti-Western movements that are working to bring down the West today (the Gorbachev Foundation, Agenda 21, etc).



Sep 21, 2012

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