No more just 'Made In China' but now owned, operated, and controlled by the Chinese. Lord have mercy!


Yesterday, my husband & I went to WalMart to purchase a lawn mower in the garden section. The one we wanted was not accessible as it was way up at the top of the shelves about 15 feet or higher. It required a hydraulic lift to access the mowers that were being stored near the ceiling. A young very polite well spoken black youth was manning the cash register. We asked for help and he said, "sure", he would get someone and it would take a few minutes. We said thank you and waited. It started to take a little long so he tried to pull out one of those very tall step ladders warehouse stores keep in order to access products that are up way too high to access any other way.

While the young black man was trying to pull out the manual ladder we heard the equipment that has the warning signal when it is backing up. My husband & I looked to see a Chinese man in his late 20's very physically fit, like a soldier, driving an automated lift. It was apparent that he was using more sophisticated automated equipment that the average employee was not allowed to use. It also appeared he was a man with authority. The average employee had to use the manual ladder. This Chinese man was clearly someone with more authority. He spoke English but with a VERY HEAVY Mandarin accent as if he just stepped off the boat from China.

My husband & I couldn't help but notice it appears WalMart is now operated by Chinese management, possibly even military management, that are still more out of site from the average American shopper. As if they are keeping them in the back. We sense it is only a matter of days before our local WalMart is completely and overtly run by the Chinese, possibly even the Chinese military. No more just "Made In China" but now owned, operated, and controlled by the Chinese. Lord have mercy!

We live in an area of Appalachia that is predominately southern anglo farmers. We would love to know if anyone else is seeing this?

God bless you for all you do to help us try to stay free, JUDY

Apr 13, 2015

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