Cyber Attack Alert from Reader - Time received 2:37 PM Sept 23, 2012

Dear Steve,

My banking friend just returned home for being gone for over a full week.
He told me that Iran is in the midst of a full scale cyber attack on the US
and western banking systems. He is involved in computer and cyber security.
He said the last two weeks have made him feel like he is on the front line
of the war between the USA and Iran.

This supports Pelleta's statement about the next war will start as a cyber
war. Well the fact is, that cyber war has started and it is full scale,
thus that next war is not far off.

It really Shows beyond a shadow of a doubt that all paths lead to all out
war and a financial collapse, no matter who is the next president.

Side note; They (the banks) got the heads up this was coming from the FED a
few weeks before it started and they were fully ready when it hit.

In His Name,
D. B.

Sep 23, 2012

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