Hello Brother in Christ,

Sometimes when I wake up in the morning a subject just hits me, before reading the news, talking with anyone or having a cup of coffee, and when this happens I know I better say something.

All the Political, Military and Police talking heads keep rambling away about Jade Helm 15 being training associated with overseas locations, and that what is being conducted & established in the U.S (on U.S. soil) will be utilized overseas. So people are wondering how this works, similarities in terrain, climates, altitudes, food, people (anthropology), real time associated threats and on and on continues the questions.

This can be answered at a basic level, and only with breaching one subject, “The Police”. So what are the U.S. troops going to do when the police element is missing from their units/operations overseas? When the Military and Police are joint training/operating, using the training they are honing on U.S soil jointly (creating a single cohesive framework), what will be done to bridge the gap concerning the police? The Police and Sheriffs have taken on roles within the Jade Helm exercise, what’s going to happen when they are not in those roles overseas? Who’s gonna fill those roles overseas?

The is answer to the Police question is as simple as recognizing the lie, no department, agency or outside element is going to fill the gap for U.S. Police and Sheriffs missing from operations overseas, both whom are working with the U.S. military on U.S. soil training for Martial Law, Civil Unrest, Disarming of Citizens, Extracting Dissidents, Joint Asymmetrical Warfare, Transporting Prisoners (by train & bus), and FEMA Camp ( to include the Walmart Pre-Processing Centers) Transfer & Delivery Operations and Management.

Why is this? Because the Military, Police and Sheriff Departments will not be working jointly overseas, THERE GONNA BE ACTIVELY OPERATING TOGETHER HERE, IN THE UNTED STATES OF AMERICA! ALONG WITH UN TROOPS (UN Vehicles on U.S. Soil, thousands)! Does this help answer the BS ramblings being forwarded to everyone concerning the training (largest in U.S. history on U.S. Soil) (mirrored JH pre and simultaneous foreign military exercise overseas) that will be incarcerating and murdering everyone, and I do mean everyone, even the military and police who will help roll this out will eventually be murdered?

This is it, The Final Training Exercise. When all the software, programs and mechanisms all get connected. Once this is done, life as everyone knows it in the U.S. will change forever. After this, only salvation and loyalty to our Savior, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, will protect you, so you better get ready now. Just as ISIS is the final invading element in the Middle East, Jade Helm is the final preparation for the collapse of the U.S. and the management of civil unrest and martial law. And what is gonna happen after that, the big big event, will be the nail in the coffin for everyone worldwide. So I’ll say it again, ONLY THE SALVATION OF OUR REDEEMER “JESUS CHRIST OF NAZARETH (no other name)” WILL SAVE YOU FROM WHAT IS COMING!!!!!!

May 11, 2015

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