Some are connecting dots with the biker gang fight and Jade Helm but I haven't seen anyone talk about the prophetic parallels associated with the "Cossacks" spilling blood in Texas and the prophesied Russian invasion. Cossacks being the name of one of the gangs comes from a military people who inhabited Russia and was known for their war fare....and now Cossacks(Russians) have made news about spilling blood in Texas. Is this a warning from above and only the tip of the spear?

Joel---- SEALS RESPONSE-The blatancy of this is what concerns me. I believe this event is all about data mining, intelligence verifications and monitoring reactions/the time it takes to the public to figure things out. They did this in Baltimore, monitoring the Crips & the Bloods communications. With Texas, they are doing this with the biker gangs-all data mining and intelligence verifications-watching and listening to the bikers who are watching and communicating about this event.

There gonna hit these types of groups hard in the future, then they'll be given a choice: help us out or be incarcerated-when they are finished with them-then they'll kill them. I predict we'll see some pretty interesting events this summer involving gangs, and events at larger scales. This whole Crips, Bloods and Bikers is an under the table forced recruitment for agitators, specific exercises and future area management.

As I mentioned earlier, the military and intelligence exercises occurring around the world are now connecting their programs. It is appearing that Jade Helm 15 is one of the last programs to connect and gather information in the western hemisphere.

Note, the Popes historical visits in September will have significance pertaining to all this. His gatherings and pronouncements will solidify the unification of all country's being connected.

It's going to be very interesting to watch him do this. The visit to the Church of Philadelphia will probably be the most telling. I hope they publicize everything he delivers.

May 18, 2015

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