PTSD and Police Officers

Steve I sent this to Greg Evensen. It is a short email regarding PTSD in police officers who are ex-military. I have had long term personal experience in this area. What I have written is based on education plus in the field experience. Many of the young police officers in my area (Central TX) scare me. Hope you find this info of some help. God Bless you and your family....

Email to Greg Evensen.

Greg I would like to thank you for the information you bring to people. I am a retired Criminal Justice Chaplain and counselor. I have watched the police agencies I have worked for become paramilitary units over the past 15 to 20 years. I have seen many departments hire primarily ex-military. As a counselor who specialized in PTSD and critical incident debriefing, I must say a high percentage of the new police officers are not the police we grew up knowing. Many of the vets coming back from multiple tours in the Middle East suffer from varying degrees of PTSD which is untreated. Coupled with the instinctive shooting instruction received in the military, PTSD is a very bad mix in the law enforcement arena.
The war zone day to day operation has imprinted many of ex-military police officers with a totally different mode of operation that would have never been allowed 20 years ago in a civilian police officer. The level of brutality used by today's police officers is a direct result extensive battle field experience. Add in the youth of today being immersed in violent video games along with repeated tours in a hot war zone produces violent killers without remorse. My point is proved by the massive number of YouTube videos exposing police violence.
PTSD yields police officers who act reactively any time a trigger event happens. If a possible weapon is thought to be seen they respond with deadly force instantly. Sights, sounds, and smell can become a PTSD trigger when coupled to a traumatic event.
You have a large audience who need to know what type of police officers they are dealing with today. I hope this information is of help to you. If you have any questions or would like to talk feel free to call me anytime. I live in Temple, Texas in the Central Time Zone. I am about 20 miles from Ft. Hood so I have extensive experience with military personnel.
I pray for you and the other Watchmen often.


Sep 25, 2012

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