Long time listener and just wanted to share a thought.

I believe JADE HELM will be the practice drill that they say its going to
be minus them telling us about the extractions and what they are going to
do ..etc. They will work with local law enforcement make their connections.
All the while what we are seeing is the pre-positioning of heavy equipment
all across the United States( tanks, Humvees, missile launchers) to
effectively do their drill. Things will go off without a hitch from July 15
to September 15, and then they will say via a mainstream media campaign Ha
we told you it was just a drill. Your all conspiracy nuts with tin foil
hats that believed JADE HELM was a military takeover.
This will take place around September 15.

Then September comes around( after the 15th), we have Putin making a speech
as well as the Popes speech at the United Nations. We also have the Pope
addressing the House and the Senate in September. So whatever is going to
happen it will happen after those speeches. Probably an economic collapse
as has been the historical month of financial instability, and some
cyber-attack as well as ISIS reportedly attacking us.

But here is where we see the true purpose of JADE HELM:
The military hasnt yet moved all the military heavy equipment back to its
base of origin that they pre-positioned all across the US. Smoke and
mirrors Steve.
Then Military will make JADE HELM go live and rekindle the contacts they
made, and use all the equipment against those on the RED list. BLUE list
will come later.

The event will take place somewhere between September 24th and October 13th
and then the event will take place and JADE HELM will go into full effect.

Just my take on the matter.

May 22, 2015

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