To be successful, revolts needed weapons, financing, structure, intelligence/spies, and a host of other resources. Kings knew this.

Hi Steve,

As you know, I have spent the past 29 years in the financial services industry…I started with E.F. Hutton in the mid-80’s. I am pretty familiar with Wall Street and the “behind the scenes” maneuvers that are destroying what was once an amazing capitalistic system.
To understand how far-reaching and devastating the next financial crash will be, you have to think like a medieval king.

In days past, kings were rarely threatened by the serfs and minions. Even if the poor possessed passion, and had a “just cause” on their side, popular uprisings were not normally sustainable and easily crushed.

To be successful, revolts needed weapons, financing, structure, intelligence/spies, and a host of other resources. Kings knew this.

Thus, every king/queen was wary of the dukes, earls, lords, and other influential (rich) men in the kingdom. If they banded together, they could bring about regime change.

In today’s parlance, those men (and women) are the captains of industry, hedge fund managers, wealthy attorneys, doctors, and other uber-successful professionals. You can also add the independently/generationally wealthy…and anyone else who has $10’s (or even $100’s) of millions in assets. They are the real threat to the system. They have resources, organizations, and skills. Thus, to secure the new world order, they must be taken down, too.

This begs the question, how best to do it?

Today’s “kings” know most of today’s “lesser-royalty” have their wealth tied up in “paper-y” assets. Stocks, bonds, money market accounts, alternative investments, real estate trusts, insurance trusts, etc. They were guided there as easily as the minions were into their 401K plans.
But, you cannot just financially destroy the individuals, you must eviscerate the source of their wealth. These people cannot be allowed to “get up.”

Corporations themselves are now adding debt at record rates---to not do so is “financially irresponsible.” After all, if your business can borrow at 1% and then use those borrowed funds to buy the firm’s shares back—shares that pay a 3% dividend-- it’s “money in the bank.” Plus, you reduce the number of tradable shares, so the remaining shares tend to go up in price, on reduced supply. Oh, and along the way, everyone gets a huge bonus for their financial engineering genius. These bonuses are then recycled into more paper-y assets. “What does it matter?” if the debt on the balance sheet rises….it’s easily serviceable at 1%.

The point is, they (and their corporate boards) have been herded like the rest of us….and when the next crash comes, the dukes and earls of today will be wiped out accordingly. Plus, their corporations will be stripped of their cash, but will remain saddled with their debts/encumbrances. Therefore, the source of their wealth will be weakened and subject to takeover.

Eventually, those assets will be resurrected---the plants, facilities, infrastructure, land, etc. will still exist---but under new ownership…..ownership loyal and beholden to the king.

Thus, there will ultimately be no threat to the king/queen.

In short, it’s going to be ugly, even for those who think they have a cushion.

Of course, we know there is only one true King and that is where true wealth lies!

Your friend in Christ,


May 26, 2015

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