The 'conspiracy theorists' are actually correct, that it is NOT the shooter / hoarder who has created the .22 AMMO shortage, it is in fact the US government

Hi Steve, as a gun shop owner I have been watching the ammo shortage continue to get worse, particularly with .22 rimfire ammuntion and certain centrefire cartridges over the last three years.

In researching the various manufacturers of ammunition, I am certain that they are lying.... that the "conspiracy theorists" are actually correct.... that it is NOT the shooter / hoarder who has created the shortage, it is in fact the US government with their outstanding purchase orders for the next ten years of production.

For example, CCI is a quality maker of .22 rimfire ammunition. According to their website, they are proudly producing four million rounds a day.... that's sixteen pallets of fifty cases each [5000 rounds in a case].

That sounds good, but it really isn't. I am one small shop with about a million dollars in annual sales. I sold, before the shortage, about 100 cases of CCI .22 rimfire ammunition per year, not to mention twice that amount of federal, about the same amount in total of all the other brands put together.

so.... I would happily take a pallet of fifty cases right now, but it would (in normal times) only last for six months. Right now of course it would be gone in a week.

So I'm one small shop, in a town of 30,000 people with three other shops two of which are bigger than mine and one of which is smaller.....

....there are 360 million people in the US and Canada.... which means there should be 48,000 gun shops [who are all in worse shape than me for ammo because I saw this coming three years ago and stocked up while I still could}

SO! If each shop takes only one pallet, that's 48,000 pallets.... they produce 16 a day.... that means it would take 3000 days to produce those 48,000... which is more than eight years....

WHICH MEANS.... if all eight years of production were available now, each shop would have to make one pallet last for eight years before their name would come up to get another one.

OR if you consider that the pallet would only last for six months in normal times, the eight year demand would be sixteen times eight which means they are in reality, more than a hundred years behind.

So expect the price to go up.... a LOT! KARLE

May 28, 2015

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