This will make ORGANIC FARMS a thing of the past!

Man, This is unreal. I rec'd my farm newspaper, The Midwest Messenger and this ad fell out of the middle. I was shocked! They are trying to get farmers to spray NANO all over their farms along with RoundUp. This NANO will cause plants to be unable to fight RoundUp and inject RoundUp coated NANO's into their cells. What do you think will happen to the crop? The NANO's will be in and on the crop as well, then the cows or farm animals will be injesting RoundUp coated NANO's as well as NANO infested RoundUp ready corn or soy or alfalfa..
These NANO's will drift onto non GMO lands in the water as well as hitch rides on blowing dust particles. They will get into the streams, wells and rivers. Be carried by birds, bees, and wildlife everywhere. This is the end folks! GMO's as a eugenics killing weapon will be obsolete. Do you realize that most farmers grow GMO crops on land that later grow wheat, edible beans such as pinto, kidney and other beans destined for human consumption as well as hay crops fed to livestock which will then be contaminated by NANO Round UP? This NANO will never go away, never be removed and spread like RoundUp and GMO never could. Do you realize the poisons they can deliver into the food supply with this system? It's not imaginary it's here NOW!!! They are going to put this on crops NOW!!! This will make ORGANIC FARMS a thing of the past!

Jun 1, 2015

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