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I have been trying to get a hold of you with some urgent information that I
am suppose to share.Something or someone is interfering in my

I am going to give a brief description of what I feel is most important to
get to your members. Approximately 3 and half weeks ago this incidence happened to me and my son when we had arrived back at home in Montana, we had been out of town for work.

This isn't easy to make short because this really involved about a 6 month period of time but i will try. We had someone care take our home while we were gone and there had been several incidents of someone being in our house with no obvious entry point. Nothing of value was taken,things had been moved around, were not in the proper place at first. Then they had been in the house and went through every drawer in our home and gone through our paperwork and documents and my husbands phone and address book, they took a few pages of it and threw everything on the floor. Still there was no obvious entry point into the house.

My older son had driven me and his younger brother home. I went back with a little bit of apprehension considering someone had been in our home several times and it was just going to be me and my 16 year old there alone. Also we had already called the police and they told us with nothing missing or stolen there was nothing that could be done. The rest of the family would be joining us later in the year. My husband had insisted on me taking our handgun back with us and I have to admit I didn't argue much about it. We arrived home about the third week of August and were trying to get the house cleaned and ready for the rest of the family to come back home to Montana. I have to admit we were a little on edge about things and were more aware of our surroundings than we normally would be. We were still enjoying being back home in a large house compared to living in small quarters out of town for work. My older son had made a safe room for me and his younger brother and it was located on the third floor. I had also bought a spot light and had secure locks for the safe room along with the handgun, and I felt like we had an advantage if someone did get into the house.

Approximately 2 days after we arrived my older son had left to go visit friends and it was just me and my 16 year old at home. We had been up pretty late working on the house and were getting ready for bed. We both heard what sounded like someone on the porch,we looked with the spotlight but could not see anything. We decided we would watch a movie in the safe room and both sleep up there because we both had an uneasy feeling. It was probably 2 am by the time I started feeling sleepy and shortly after that I immediately woke up to the lights all going out, my son also had woke up. I immediately thought someone had cut our power out and called the police dept with my cell phone. They informed us that 2 cities were out of power and also a rural area where we were located also had no power. I then asked if they knew why and dispatch told us they had no planned power outages and they were trying to find out what was going on, and then told us to call back. We called back about an hour later and they still did not know why it was out. We had a really bad feeling about things it just felt like something really bad was about to happen. Well it was about 3 hours later and the lights came back on. All was quiet the rest of the night.

The next day my eldest son came by train and was going to secure the whole house and make sure no one could get in the house. Well the two older boys finished everything and they headed back out of state back to work and it was just me and my 16 year old at home now. I really felt a sense of sadness when they left but the house was like Fort Knox now. I also knew the Lord would keep us safe like he had done so many times in the past when we needed him.

All was quiet the next night and we had slept through the night with no incidences. The second night after the older boys left my 16 year old came upstairs saying he was hearing something outside. I got the gun and we went room by room checking things and all was clear. We went back upstairs together and listened and within a half an hour we heard what sounded like someone push against the front door. We waited several hours and didn't here anything else and both probably went to sleep at about 4:30am. I woke up the next morning and walked out my bedroom door and out of the corner of my eye I saw the loft window wide open. My heart sank in my stomach and
immediately I stepped back in my room and woke my son up who was sleeping
on the couch. We had gone room by room the night before,checked the rooms,checked the windows,checked the doors, checked the locks,we both were shocked. We again checked the house room by room and nothing! I called my husband and he insisted that we had to have left a window unlocked but we knew we had not but we had no explanation. All that day me and my son were just baffled as to how they got in. Well we had a friend come over and he looked at the window and messed with it a little bit and figured it out. They are wood framed windows and if you lift them up it will open the window even with it locked! Mystery solved.

We went through the whole house and screwed the windows shut. They would have to break a window to get in and we would definitely wake up to that. Actually by now we were not sleeping very much at night, we both were in a state of mind that this was leading up to something happening, and we both dreaded it getting dark. Everything was quiet the next 2 nights and we were so thankful to have had no incidences and both were praying that we would have peace. It wasn't over and the Lord had something he was going to reveal to us and we were to share with others what is going on,and it is right under our noses without us even being aware. A couple of days later it was pretty late in the evening, my son and I were watching t.v in the safe room. We were probably into the second movie at about 12:30 am when I thought I had heard something outside. I asked my son if he had heard anything, about the second time I heard it he also heard the same thing. I got my spotlight out and looked out the windows and I did not see anything. We finished the second movie and put on the third at about 2:30 am. At 3 am we were both exhausted and I told my son I was going to look one more time with the spotlight from the windows, and if it was all clear we were going to bed. I opened the first window and looked all was clear. I went to the second window and keep in mind I am looking down from the second story. I look out onto our second lot which is an acre in size and has groups off Fir and Tamarak trees about 60 feet in height and taller. I shone the spotlight directly out in front of the window and the spotlight reflected 2 eyes that were huge probably what looked like 2 inches in size, the eyes just froze, did not move, and were looking at me. I just froze with the spotlight aimed at these golf ball sized eyes. I knew something was different just was not right but was transfixed on it. I raised my voice enough that my son could hear me and said" Son oh my gosh come look at this wolf it is huge, holy crap". He crept up to me and got down on his knees next to me and we both looked again, my son was astonished and said wait what is that? Right then the eyes turned red and we saw the figure move, it was a soldier with infrared binoculars watching us!!!!!! Both of us at the same time were terrified, I thought okay this is it, its fight or flight. My dad was former Airforce and had taught me that. It was no question in my mind. I ran for my handgun and turned all lights off in the background while my son kept the spotlight on the soldier. I got back in position to where I could see again and he was halfway behind the tree and you could see one side of his binoculars. My son was terrified and kept repeating of my gosh. Then my son looked at me and said shoot him mom, shoot him mom! By this time I am thinking" is this a dream?" My son is laying flat on the floor saying shoot him before he shoots us. I am thinking i have a 380, if I miss we are definitely dead and how many more are out there? I am shaking and if I do the wrong thing now Lord its over, please advise me, give me counsel. Then it came to me if he was going to shoot us then he would have already done it, as I was watching him he started to slowly bend down and got into a laying position and he was crawling backwards and probably moved 15 feet back and stayed in a laying position but was still watching us and was moving around. We looked back behind him about 150 feet on the corner of our block and could see 2 lights coming from other soldiers moving into position. I grabbed my phone and I was thinking okay if they take us I want someone to know what happened. I called my older son and he answered right away knowing if I was calling at 3 am that something was really wrong. I told him what was going on and he sat with me on the phone and we started planning. My older son and I discussed if they came to the door that I wouldn't open it and I told him to let his dad know what happened. I decided okay we will move away from the position by the windows and wait for their next move. I sat with the handgun in one hand aimed at my bedroom door and my son was positioned flat on the floor in the corner of the room. Honestly I can say that the feeling was of pure evil and complete dread. The thought was at the very least this is the beginning of the end for certain people that they have singled out. I waited probably 10 minutes and looked back out the window and saw they were gone, my son also looked and confirmed that they were gone!

We went out the next day and looked and you could see where the soldier had lay down in the grass, we took pictures with my phone but they are not very good. There was also a trail in the tall grass where they had came onto the property. As I write this a Great Sadness envelopes my whole being for the Children, this is so unfair to them. We blew it, we did nothing when we could have done something. They will suffer for us allowing this to happen. This is real its happening and its to late we can't take it back, it has gone to far, for to long of a time. Reconnaissance has begun and next its captivity.

I have an update of events that followed and will get it to you within the
next few days. Please pray for our family.

Sincerely your sister in Christ,


Sep 25, 2012

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