If people can’t see the writing on the wall by now, they’ll never wake up. A military does not transport tons (TONS) of concertina wire, out in the open-not caring if it is seen, unless it is going to be used for something SOON. This wire is used for two things. Keeping enemies out (used to form military wire obstacles), or keeping prisoners in. The cost for transport, manpower to erect the wire and manufacturing far out way the cost for using the amount we are seeing transported for merely an exercise.
The U.S. military, and other U.S government agencies, are spending way too much time and money for training. Our country’s leaders are scared to death, they are preparing for something big. The speed at which everything is being conducted, prepositioning of assets/ assets relocated, signals to me that whatever has them scared-is just around the corner.
We have China building islands to preposition assets and conducting large scale exercises, and we have Russia in the Ukraine fighting against U.S. equipped and trained troops, and conducting unprecedented military exercise (largest in their country’s history). We have both China and Russia building their own banking systems (AIIB/BRICS) to conduct trade and invest money + they have developed their own money wiring swift system (CHIPS)-circumventing what has always been used.
The Middle Eastern GCC countries are now forming a stonger military alliance so they can efectively operate jointly militarily together in the future, and they have been disusing limiting military weapons contracts with the U.S. They plan to purchase more hardware from their European allies. Why, because the U.S. will no longer be reliable, that’s right, we’ll be too busy dealing with chaos in our own country + weapons manufacturing will come to a complete halt, and they know it.
I believe the 500 days of climate chaos spoken about by the French Foreign Minister, with John Kerry standing at his side, has everything to do with all this. When the real chaos begins: super storms, quakes and volcanos, the U.S will be at its weakest. Much of our military will be oversees, and if you are in the military, plan on being stuck overseas. All Emergency Response Assets: National Guard, FEMA, Red Cross, DHS and other agencies will be overwhelmed. And this is when the U.N will intervene, and all our enemies, from all corners of the earth, will begin their invasion.
The most disturbing part of all this: It has all been planned, we have all been sold out to the global government corporate enterprise. And in case anyone wants to know who is paving the way, who is in charge, who will light the way? All you have to do is tune into the Popes address to our U.S. Congress (first time in history) and his address to the U.N. a few days later - this coming September. He will be the calming voice, the voice of reason, who will begin the process of unifying everyone. If you are not concerned, you should start becoming concerned, because in order for this man’s message to have the correct impact: answers for despair, fear and desperation, things are going to have to be getting pretty bad.
And all this is the perfect example of: Order out of Chaos. This is your New World Order people. I’ll leave you with this, and let it sink in: In a Short Time, This Will Be a Long Time Ago.

Jun 8, 2015

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