Good morning Steve: I have a concern and question for you. As I have said in the past, my son died 5 years ago of what my research has led me to believe was mind control targeted individual. I have stayed in touch with many of his friends who are now in their mid twenties and live in the Atlanta area. I got an alarming message from one of the sweetest young women about what has been happening to her. She posted her experience on FB and a number of her other friends in the Atlanta area are experiencing the same or similar symptoms.

This young lady was sitting watching tv and all of a sudden severe pressure in her ears that made her ears eventually popped worse than flying in an airplane or altitude changes. Then all of a sudden loud ringing in her ears and she couldn't hear at all for about 20 seconds. Then she felt like the sound of a gun going off right next to her head and she jumped up and cringed and started crying she was so upset. She said she has been disoriented, clumsy and walking into things for about a week.

Another young woman said that something similar happened to her three times this past week.

Another person said that off and on for this past week there has been moments of defeating silence then loud extreme ringing in her ears.

Another young woman said it happened to her too yesterday at work and she became so disoriented and her head spinning that she had to sit down on the ground and hold her head until it stopped. Then she was extremely disoriented.

Steve I want to be able to direct these young people to what is happening to them and not have them fall victim to what killed my son. I want to ask if there is anyone else out there in a similar geographical area that is experiencing the same thing this past week? What are they experiencing and what do you believe the nefarious purpose is for this at this location, Atlanta and now? Jade Helm related? Millennials seem to be really target at this moment. REGINA

Jun 12, 2015

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