Home Land Security has co-opted Amateur Radio. Not long after Home Land Security was created they started giving out Grants to Amateur Radio Clubs and Organization.

Steve I put together some information regarding the FEMA/DHS take-over of Ham Radio. I thought you might like to read it. Feel free to share it with others.

Home Land Security has co-opted Amateur Radio. Not long after Home Land Security was created they started giving out Grants to Amateur Radio Clubs and Organization. The local county government was brought into the picture as well. Someone was given the title of Emergency Coordinator for the county and operated out of the Emergency Operations Center which was usually a county owned location.

A "SELECT GROUP" of local hams were put in charge of all county emergency Amateur Radio operations with the complete support of DHS, FEMA, and the local county government. CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) was created and tied to FEMA. CERT and the Emergency Coordinator became a group of people who were trained by DHS and FEMA. Grants were given to develop local wide area Amateur Radio Repeater Systems which gave hand held radios much greater range. At the time CERT was brought into existence the FCC did away with all Code requirements for Amateur Radio Licensing. CERT needed many new Entry Level Amateur Radio Operators which would not be possible unless the level of radio operator proficiency was lowered for licensing. The Code Requirement being eliminated and Published Amateur Radio Question Pools dropped the difficulty of obtaining a Entry Level Amateur Radio License to the point six and seven year olds were becoming licensed Amateur Radio Operators.

If you decide to use Amateur Radio as a mode of communications in the upcoming economic crash and or martial law scenarios please be advised your Local Amateur Radio Club is filled with people who have close ties to FEMA and DHS. My suggestion would be not to seek help in learning about Amateur Radio by joining a Local Ham Radio Club. Find an older Amateur Radio Operator and see if he is part of the New Ham Radio/FEMA/DHS system. Many of the old Amateur Radio Operators had to work hard for their license and actually know how to build antennas and work on their radio equipment. The majority of new Hams are 'Appliance Operators" and know nothing about building antenna systems and hands on radio operating.

Amateur Radio was taken over by FEMA and DHC. What was once a pool of trained radio operators available to help in time of emergency has become a pool of poorly trained and equipped individuals. The average new ham has a dual band talkie and can only communicate a few city block without a Repeater Station. FEMA and DHS wanted people with limited skill sets and minimal equipment to fill the CERT positions as they required only limited range radio equipment and a warm body.

I firmly believe Amateur Radio was dumbed down to keep the number of radio operators who were capable of communication over long distances to a minimum while supplying CERT members. CERT and the Local Ham Radio Club are very much like the Clergy Response Teams developed by FEMA / DHS. They are designed to serve the interest of the government and not the people. They look like a good thing until you peel back the layers and see the real reasons for their existence.

I have held Commercial and Amateur Radio Licenses for over 55 years and witnessed the changes first hand. I was one of a very few Amateur Radio operators who spoke out against the FREE STUFF from the federal government because I knew there would be conditions attached that would not be good for Amateur Radio. Shortwave Radio Operators were on the MIAC Report as potential terrorist not Ham Radio Operators in general. Those of us with high power Shortwave Amateur Stations are the guys who can talk worldwide and are a threat to a government who wants to hide the truth.TONY

Jun 13, 2015

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