Steve I just looked at Dave Hodges latest story on gun confiscation and the Children's Book Seller doing the data mining this morning makes perfect sense!

Steve, I encountered a Children's Book Seller this morning. I live on a block where the vast majority of people do not have children still in the home. Even if there was no one home he scanned the house and yard and made notes. The young man went from house to house taking notes as he moved down the street. He was out at 9:00 AM on a Monday morning when most people were at work. He stopped by and talked to me as I was washing my truck in the drive way. He wanted to know if there were any families with children on the block. I told him most everyone on the block had adult children even though my next door neighbor has two small children. I never give out any information about my family or the families of my neighbors. Even if it looks harmless you could be setting up someone to have a bad thing happen. The young man seemed to be about 20 to 25 dressed in tan shorts with a huge backpack equipped with a water bottle. If I was trying to sell anything door to door I would be hitting the streets on weekends and evenings not during work time for most people. What caught my attention was that he was taking notes at every house even if he did not go to their door. It looks more like a data mining operation regarding home layout and children than someone trying to sell a product. I live in Texas, the HOSTILE STATE, so I thought this might be something people should be made aware of and act to keep your family information confidential. Better Safe Than Sorry!!! TONY-

Jun 15, 2015

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