I personally believe that, along with perhaps a few other countries, Zimbabwe was used by the NWO as a training ground or observation scenario for how to deal with “dissidents”

Dear Steve

I have recently come across your talk shows with various people, e.g. Tom Horn and Infowars etc. and what started my most recent quest for more knowledge was reading a book called “The Last Christian”, sorry I cant remember the author. The story line was so unbelievable and yet I believe Jesus used this book to open my eyes to seek to understand what is going on in the world.

I live in Zambia at the moment having left farming in Zimbabwe where I was born as was my parents and my children, I tell you this because I have discovered in my growing quest for truth that so much has been hidden and lies abound and no less the stories that surrounded what took place in Rhodesia and then Zimbabwe. I personally believe that, along with perhaps a few other countries, Zimbabwe was used by the NWO as a training ground or observation scenario for how to deal with “dissidents”, in this case farmers who after decades on their farms were run off with few resources to start a new life. Anyway the point is not the rightness or wrongness of who and when, I just was amazed at how a people, both black and white, were basically swept off their legal piece of real estate with almost no retaliation. The first white farmer to try and protect his property from hooligan take over was so overwhelmed by government fire power he eventually conceded defeat and tried to surrender but was then pummelled to death to an unrecognisable mess. Many neighbours tried to help and prevent the outcome but were barred.

The tactic was divide and conquer and obviously loads of fear. The main problem for the people on the land was each family unit tried to protect their property and ended up everyone lost. I wrote to a guy in America recently explain the Zimbabwe government tactics but his response was that Americans were so much better prepared. I pray so, but I believe that the same scenario will apply, divide and conquer, overwhelming force in a short period. I spent 4 years in America completing a theological degree 98 to 01 so have some idea of American culture having spent time in Tennessee, Minnesota, Michigan and South Carolina and we have many friends in the states.

My reason for writing is mainly to say that I am praying for you as I keep track on your discussions with Bruce and others. I don't know how all this is going to affect the rest of the world but believe we are not going to remain unaffected for too long. I guess for me I have had a hard time understanding why anyone would want to destroy ones own future and that of their families but I am growing to understand just how evil is the father of lies and all who have pledged allegiance to follow him to eternal damnation.

I also believe no nation on earth is going to be unaffected by the recent decision to mock Almighty God by legalising same sex marriage. Even Zambia is just a step behind America importing all the moral failures and embracing anything that comes out of the States. We have churches that abandoned God a long a time ago, imminent laws to mandate vaccines and a crumbling economy based on the US$.

Sorry I'm rambling. I have been a believer and follower of the Lord Jesus Christ since 1992 and was of the persuasion at the time that the truth that took 2 years of study to accept meant that it was worth either my whole life or nothing and I chose my whole life. I have been warning Christians and churches for years now as I have had opportunity to preach but for a good number of years have found myself and my wife to be attending church less and less as the churches abandon God and the truth. I generally get one go at preaching and never get invited again.

Again I pray that you are used mightily in the growing darkness to shine the light of the truth until the Lord Jesus returns for His Bride. Thanks you for your words of truth that have been used by the Holy Spirit to help me to begin to see a hidden truth.

Yours in the Lord Jesus Christ:CHRIS

Jul 1, 2015

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