130 HOMELESS VETS LIVING IN THE WOODS OF NORTHERN ARIZONA IN NEED OF OUR IMMEDIATE FINANCIAL HELP-SOME HAVE BEEN IN WOODS FOR 2-3 YEARS! http://northernarizonavetsservingvets.org/ Johns Phone Number is 928-221-4886 Brethren and those of you who are in a Position To FINANCIALLY Help--Please send immediate Financial Help To John Nanney who is trying to Get the Homeless hungry vets out of the woods in Northern Arizona and into Tents and Shelters as the the Temperature Drops-Cornelius and I have each Bought a Tent for 20 Guys but As the Lord Lives, we all need to help these abandoned men who have been betrayed by their country. Steve, I need sleeping bags,tents and any cold weather gear we can get I have been getting as many MRE's as I can find and I cook soups,chili's,coffee,hot cocoa and make sandwiches three night a week during the winter, when we get snow storms I will spend the storm by driving out and crowding as many as I can in to hotel rooms. As you can imagine this gets expensive but they never complain as long as they are warm. Any form of camping stoves are always needed along with canned items, my biggest problem is finding storage space to put thing up for the winter but we are working on that issue now. It looks like we are in for one hell of a long cold spell it's already getting down into the low 40's and 30's at night. I have managed to get a couple of old campers and an old winnabago and will keep as many as humanly possible in them. The guys have been great and they try thier best and God love them they are the first to step up and say help so and so he needs it more than I. Steve I want to thank you I had given up on people caring and had decided to go back to where it was just me working with the guys, like I use to! Everyone has had great ideas but they all forgot about the men that need our help now. This is what got me started in the first place and I can not and will not forget that my mission is not six months down the road it is now and it is here. With your call you have restored my faith that people do care so I will continue to fight and keep my boys as safe as possible, once again thank you. --- On Wed, 9/26/12, Steve Quayle wrote: John What's the Priority After Tents --Sleeping Bags and Jackets--How about Food? On Sep 26, 2012, at 8:04 PM, John Nanney wrote: Thanks for your contact Steve and thank you for your concern over my boys living in the woods here in Arizonia, any help you can send our way I would appreciate John My name is John Conneally. I am a formerly homeless veteran working at a > homeless > shelter for veterans in Phoenix. I have been actually employed for about 5 > months. > > I am working with a group in Flagstaff who is trying to get 130 veterans > out of > the forest before winter. Overnight temps in Flag are in the mid 30's now. > Some > of those poor devils have been living in the forest for 2 or 3 years. > I find this horrific and am determined to do what I can, even if it isn't > much. >

Sep 27, 2012

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